Di Has Stories…

(and they’re all true)

x365/76: Terry April 24, 2009

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The boy my parents forbid me to see, that I dated for nine months behind their backs.  Six years older than me, was sweet and a virgin.   Years later, I finally deflowered him.


x365/64: Rick E April 12, 2009

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New at our school in sixth grade, and was just the hottest thing I’d ever seen in his little preppy pink shirt. Was later on The Bachelor, and was even hotter grown up.


x365/57: The One Armed Boy April 5, 2009

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Wanted to be the “best one armed conductor in the world”. Came from close to my college town and didn’t seem to want to leave. Rumors of his prowess were greatly exaggerated. By him.


x365/56: Adrian April 4, 2009

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First date after my divorce. I don’t know why eHarmony.com would think that a small, Hispanic bicycler with a picture of the Pope above his bed would be a good match for me.


x365/54: Grandpa April 2, 2009

The glue of our family, the one that made us all be respectful.  Laughed until the tears ran silently down his face.  “I’m standing strong now, cause I once sat on  your knee.”


x365/53: Grandma Bernice April 1, 2009

Spent most of my childhood with her; she loved me more than my mother was capable of.  All she wanted from me was to get married and have babies.  She saw the first.


x365/42: Bruce March 13, 2009

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I think I married him because he danced with me in the kitchen, and woke me singing “Unchained Melody”.  It made me think he was a different man.  I’m sorry I was wrong.