Di Has Stories…

(and they’re all true)

x365/70: Dean Haglund April 18, 2009

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During the height of X-Files fame, met Langly at a conference in Nashville. He seemed a little frightened of my exuberance over meeting him; I was embarrassed to wear my glasses in our picture.


x365/69: The Geek April 17, 2009

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Watching him perform, he said to me, “You look like a prepared young lady” and asked me to open a condom, which he threaded through his nose. I wasn’t sure that was a compliment.


x365/68: Johnnie Cochran April 16, 2009

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At a conference shortly after the OJ verdict, I was sushed by my friend for making anti-OJ comments in line: I was the only white there. Conchran refused to make eye contact with me.


x365/65: Celli April 13, 2009

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Wanted to be a cop, but fell in love with a seminary student instead. Worried about my eternal soul while thinking that my messy dye job in the bathroom was a crime scene.


x365/58: Computer Applications Professor April 6, 2009

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Taught a computer science class that was entirely focused on “Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicrosoft EXL”. It was an 8 o’clock class after my overnight security shift, and that phrase always woke me right up. For a couple minutes.


x365/54: Grandpa April 2, 2009

The glue of our family, the one that made us all be respectful.  Laughed until the tears ran silently down his face.  “I’m standing strong now, cause I once sat on  your knee.”


x365/53: Grandma Bernice April 1, 2009

Spent most of my childhood with her; she loved me more than my mother was capable of.  All she wanted from me was to get married and have babies.  She saw the first.


x365/52: Hank March 31, 2009

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Although we were not related, she always treated me like her own.  Her family was used to her kindness, and not as kind back.  I ended up with the family pictures and heirlooms.


x365/28: Brian February 23, 2009

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Tall, broad dude with messed up arm who set himself on fire to impress people.  He also had the most incredible package – the girls wanted me to find out if it was real.


x365/23: Paul (Balloon Boy) February 18, 2009

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Guy I tutored, grad student with reading issues.  Gave me a tour of campus of all the  places he wanted to fuck me.  Gave me a giant heart shaped “I love you”  balloon.