Di Has Stories…

(and they’re all true)

x365/78: Dave C. April 26, 2009

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My grandparents’ neighbor, known for his collection of cars that he moved to keep out of the sun and covered in towels, huge family, beautiful lawn, and ability to never have a job.


x365/59: Dad April 7, 2009

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Sitting with me and brother, with my other brother on stage, said, “This is about as happy as a man has the right to be.” Sorry about that 22 years. They weren’t your fault.


x365/54: Grandpa April 2, 2009

The glue of our family, the one that made us all be respectful.  Laughed until the tears ran silently down his face.  “I’m standing strong now, cause I once sat on  your knee.”


x365/53: Grandma Bernice April 1, 2009

Spent most of my childhood with her; she loved me more than my mother was capable of.  All she wanted from me was to get married and have babies.  She saw the first.


x365/52: Hank March 31, 2009

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Although we were not related, she always treated me like her own.  Her family was used to her kindness, and not as kind back.  I ended up with the family pictures and heirlooms.


x365/51: Grandma June March 30, 2009

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I remember so little,  just a round woman with graying wavy hair.  Her house was always full of cousins and dogs to play with.  She died and I didn’t find out for years.


x365/50: Larry March 29, 2009

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That’s Uncle Larry to you!  Tall, thin, avid curler and golfer.  Kindly dealt with his difficult wife.  We were never told when he died – just got the  Christmas card back in the mail.