Di Has Stories…

(and they’re all true)

x365/78: Dave C. April 26, 2009

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My grandparents’ neighbor, known for his collection of cars that he moved to keep out of the sun and covered in towels, huge family, beautiful lawn, and ability to never have a job.


x365/77: Mrs. Jacobson April 25, 2009

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While I remember almost nothing of her teaching, I do remember that she used her fake arm as both a weapon and an instrument to constantly pull her nasty wig back into position.


x365/76: Terry April 24, 2009

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The boy my parents forbid me to see, that I dated for nine months behind their backs.  Six years older than me, was sweet and a virgin.   Years later, I finally deflowered him.


x365/75: Eddie April 23, 2009

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Having grown up in Kuwait, he knew violence.  Liked to make fun of the gory driver’s ed movies.  When he saw I was upset at one, tried to protect me from seeing it.


x364/74: Other Driver’s Ed Teacher April 22, 2009

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Otherwise frustrated coach and teacher with a pedistache, taught driver’s ed with an intensity that just make kids laugh at him.  Thought he was going to have a heart attack in every class.


x365/73: Driver’s Ed Teacher April 21, 2009

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Most chill dude ever.  Never raised his voice or used the idiot brake.  When I was going 15 over the highway speed limit, he calmly asked what I thought I should do about that.


x365/72: Nick B. April 20, 2009

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My first friend in new school, first date, first dance, first kiss.  After that kiss, he said, “Well,that kind of sucked, didn’t it?” and called me a couple days later to break up.


x365/71: Barney (Mr. Yee) April 19, 2009

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Dreamed last night of putting you to sleep again; woke up sobbing.  I didn’t mean to get a cat that day, but you held my eyes across the store, and it was love.


x365/70: Dean Haglund April 18, 2009

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During the height of X-Files fame, met Langly at a conference in Nashville. He seemed a little frightened of my exuberance over meeting him; I was embarrassed to wear my glasses in our picture.


x365/69: The Geek April 17, 2009

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Watching him perform, he said to me, “You look like a prepared young lady” and asked me to open a condom, which he threaded through his nose. I wasn’t sure that was a compliment.