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Five Things February 22, 2009

As we all know, I can’t resist stuff like this.  Christy gave me five things she associates with me. I’ll write about them below. If you’d like five things I associate with you that you can then write about in your own journal, just comment here!

Hedgehogs – My obsession with hedgehogs started in college.  My friend Dave’s girlfriend had been to Russia, where they were popular as pets.  He thought that was awesome, and found a hedgie in Mankato that was looking for a new home.  Dave named him Reggie the Hedgie.  After we left Mankato, he decided that hedgehogs were stupid pets, and he came to live with me.  I had him about a year before he died (cancer).  After my divorce, I got Annie, who I had for about a year and a half before I woke up and she had died.  After Jeff and I got married, I got Furrow from a hedgehog rescue, and had him until a few weeks ago, when I had to find him a new home.  Since I”m pregnant, I couldn’t play with him, and he freaked Jeff out, so he needed to be with someone who could play with him and give him love.

Once you have a weird pet, and let it know that you think everything related is cool, you have a collection.  I have so many hedgehog things that the baby’s room is going to be decorated in Hedgehog.  I’m sure our child will end up hating them.

Thrifting – Oddly enough, something else I learned from Dave’s ex.  Having grown up in a rich suburb, and raised by a mother that only likes old things if they can be considered “antiques” and purchased in the appropriate stores, I did not know how awesome used could be.  (My grandmother actually told me once that she wouldn’t buy anything on sale because sale stuff was “of lesser quality”.  Huhwhat?) For a long time, I dressed primarily in thrift (until I got a job that required suits and shit, and then it got harder as I got fatter).  Most of my furniture has been thrifted.  I fully plan on buying most of my kid’s stuff used (why buy new for that shit?  It’s just gonna get puked on and trashed.)  Since Christy and I are both unemployed and cheap/poor, we have spent all sorts of time in the thrift stores lately.  Yay!

Stroganoff – I make the best stroganoff, ever.  Hands down.  You think yours doesn’t suck?  It might not make someone puke, but I assure you that mine is better.  My recipe has evolved over the years, and keeps getting better.  Last year I even perfected a tofuganoff for the vegetarians in our crowd.  Also did not suck.  I made it for dinner the first time I saw my dad after 22 years, and was surprised to learn that the base recipe that I have used for years initially came from him.  The stroganoff circle is complete.
Knitting – I do that.  My grandma taught me to knit when I was about seven.  She was my daycare, and I think that she taught me to keep me quiet for a while.  I never learned to “make” anything – she would cast on for me, and I’d just knit giant shapeless things, and she’d bind it off for me.  I gave it up for a long time, and took it up seriously after my divorce.  I have not been without a knitting project since then, and have even started a knitting group when I couldn’t find one for younger urban knitters.  Right now, I have two sweaters on the needles, a scarf (those are my UFOs – Unfinished Objects) and a blanket for my little one.  After this, another blanket and a scarf for my dad (and a hat if there is enough left).  My house and my person often have fuzz on them.
Sawatdee- Not just a Thai word and restaurant in my world.  Little Sawatdee is what Jeff and I have called our future child since before s/he was conceived.  (You can see more about that at our baby blog, LittleSawatdee.) I don’t know what more to say about this – I feel like I got pregnant it’s all I talk about, and the word Sawatdee is uttered dozens of times a day in our house.  Have I mentioned yet that I don’t know how I’m going to make it through the next 23 weeks?

Christy also thought these words applied to me:

Easy-Off BAM!
Being swell
Being my landlady
Hard Times Cafe


Mail? What’s mail? February 20, 2008

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Anya and I went to KnitOut at the Damn Mall on Saturday.  While at the Lion Brand booth, we saw all the advertisements for Vanna White’s line of yarn, and products, and books, and and and….

Says I to Anya:  “Why to I have such a hard time believeing that Vanna White is a true, hardcore knitter?”

Anya:  “Because she looks astonished in all the pictures!”

Anywho, we scored the latest catalog from that booth.  This is information I should not have in my possesion.  I found a great picture of a blanket made out of miter squares, which have been my latest obsession.  Unlike the things I have been making, Rambling Rows has different sizes and shapes and does some pretty cool things.

I decided to make this pattern for the blanket for the Tater Tot.  I was also thinking that I might rip out the original afghan for the back of the couch and use this pattern, doubled, instead.  Ah, the crafty goodness!!

I went to get the pattern from the website, found out that you had to pay for it (well, all right), and went to do so.  I thought that, since the Current Project will be done on Friday (deadline:  Sunday.  Friday:  taking Anya for surgery.  Several hours of uninterrupted finishing time!) I could start on the Tot’s blanket.

Oh, hell no.  Lion Brand is mailing the pattern to me.  Via mail.  For more than four dollars!

Amazingly, it’s not the four dollars that chaps me.  I mean, it was a six dollar pattern, with four dollars shipping – it’s still a decent deal for a pattern that I will use more than once.  It’s the mail part that gets to me – why the hell are they sending it through the mail? What not shoot me a PDF on the email I was required to give to buy the pattern…through the mail?!?!

I suppose they don’t want everyone passing it around to their friends, and thus losing the precious pattern revenue.  Boy, I hope they don’t find out about these new-fangled devices known as “photocopiers.”  I bet Xerox is going to go all the way on those.  If Lion Brand does find out about them…they are going to make us get tattoos of the patterns on us so we can’t share them.

I have my eye on a lot of patterns.  I’m not sure I have room on my person for all of them.


Things I Would Rather Be Doing February 7, 2008

So, the Super Crazy Busy period of the year has passed us by, and the reorganization has not yet happened, so I am now in that time in my job – as I have been on many other occasions – where I do not have enough to keep me busy, but still have to look like I am busy 100% of the time.


Interestingly, since I went part time in July, my workload has increased, but not enough to fill the hours of my day.  I’m not entirely sure why I am doing way more than everyone else that works “full time”, yet still have a good chunk of the day to while away.


In an effort to look busy while sitting at my desk without the use of my forefinger and a nostril, here are the things I would be doing if I could go home when my work was finished instead of when the clocks says I can:


(1)   I started the Mother-in-Law’s sweater during lunch.  I am on the beginning of the third row, and have already messed it up.  I don’t know what it is about me that makes me unable to remember the difference between seed stitch and ribbing until I can actually see that I am ribbing instead of doing seed stitch.  I think that part of the problem is that I learned to knit from my grandma in kind of a half-assed way, and not properly.  I call things all the wrong things, and I tend to label the stitches by what I did to get them than by what they look like afterward.  Therefore, on a seed stitch when it tells me to knit the knits of the previous row, I knit the stitches that I knit the previous row, instead of the ones that will turn out like a “knit” stitch instead of what I call the “purl” stitch.  It’s all fucked up.  It’s almost like watching a lefty knit. 


(2)   Short of frogging the 230 stitiches of the sweater and starting over, which I will do at Caribou tonight while waiting for my beloved to be done with his allergy shots, I would take working on the present for Carla’s baby (which needs to be done in 16 short days, not that I’m counting) or casting on for Sarah’s baby (which needs to be done whenever it is that we finally decide her baby shower is going to be).


(3)   Already be waiting for my sweetie at Caribou. 


(4)   Figuring out more stuff on the knitting machine.  Last night my knitting group came over and they figured out how to set the thing up, but there are all sorts of attachments and do-hickeys and things that we can do with it.  I emailed the Textile Center to see if anyone would help us out (for a fee), and I can’t wait to get started on this one.  Baby blankets, here we come!


(5)   Taking a shower.  I slept in today, and I need one.


(6)   Starting work on our corn bags.  They are all cut, and with the purchase of pinking shears yesterday, I am ready to cut the labels and start sewing! 


(7)   Cutting out the quilt that I promised Jeff I’d make two years ago.  This keeps getting further and further down the pile.


(8)   Reading the book I got in the mail yesterday.  I am on track to make my reading goal this year!


(9)   Be hanging out with my girls.  I haven’t had enough social time lately, and I miss it.  Then again, I am deep enough in the February blahs to not want to get off my ass and do anything.


(10)                       Anything, really, as long as it doesn’t involve wasting my time!


I’ve been a bad, bad blogger

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Forgive me, WordPress, for I have sinned.  It’s been more than three months since my last “real” blog entry.  Here are a few of the things that I have been doing in the real world instead of writing about them:

(1) Working like a crazy, crazy bitch.  The end of the year is always a mess around The Organization for Which I Am Employed, and this one was extra-special with the introduction of a new benefit that needed a lot of attention.  Yay, work.  The good news is that we are “restructuring” and as of March 1, I will never take another phone call!  Yay!!!  So, while not terribly interesting or fulfilling, my job at least is rising above the I’d Rather Slit My Wrists Than Be Here situation it was for the last year or so.

(2) Fucking holidays.  Need I say more?  I think that every year I hate Christmas more and more.  I hate the fakery of love, I hate how early it starts, and I hate that (for my family), it’s not about the things that’s important – it’s about giving and getting shit (not that there’s anything wrong with that – I got some great stuff!).  The best part of Christmas this year was that I did NO shopping beforehand.  I highly recommend it.  Since we were going to Ireland, I told everyone that they were getting their gifts after the trip.  Not only did that save me a ton of time shopping (which I don’t like), but I think that I was much more pleased with what I got everyone.   I think that this year I am going to embrace the Homemade Challenge and not buy anything pre-made for Xmas, if not for all holidays.  So much nicer.

(3) Going to Ireland!  My beloved and I spent two weeks in Ireland, driving all over the southern part and took the train to Dublin for a couple of days.  We took 1,799 pictures (you can see the short version here) and generally had a faboulous time.  It was really hard to go back to real life after that – not only because Ireland was so wonderful and I wanted someone to dismantle my house and send it and my animals to me there – but because Jeff and I actually enjoyed spending every moment together.  After that, now it seems like we never see each other.  😦

(4)  Starting a business.  Yep, K and I (mostly K) have finally come up with an idea to do something with that will hopefully, someday, free us from the constraints of regular employment.  We are making corn bags under our old business name of Epiphany, and are busily sewing like mad, and coming up with the makings of our FIRST CRAFT SHOW in March.  Yay, us!

(5) Trying to get knocked up.  I’m just not talking a whole lot about how that’s going, or any details of the manufacturing process, thank you very much.  Let’s just say that at this point, I have given up The Drink (except for when I have my period…might as well have SOMETHING to look forward to!) and am taking vitamins up the yin-yang.

(6) Speaking of babies, Carla and Sarah are both pregnant, and I’m not saying that I might be working on gifts for them, because that would totally take the surprise out of everything, but that might be the case.  In other crafty goodness news, today I am casting on my first sweater, for my mother-in-law’s birthday.  As I am pretty sure that she has never even heard of my blog, I think I am going to document the progress online.  If you could think happy crafty thoughts for me, I’d appreciate it.

(7) Getting a new kitty!  Boris needed a friend, so on Sunday Jeff and I went to our local Humane Society and became the new parents of Checkers, a 12-year-old tortoiseshell and white kitty.  She’s adorable, and snuggly, and SMALL – Boris runs about 15-17 pounds, and she’s under 7 right now.  Of course, HE is scared of HER.  Go, Boris.  Checkers has a cold (not uncommon for shelter kitties) and isn’t eating terribly well, so I’m picking up her old food for her (cheap supermarket stuff that I would never feed my babies) and see if I can get her eating again.


While I have not been actually blogging for a while, I have been thinking about blogging during that time.  When we were in Ireland, I was really wishing we had a lap top so I could write about the trip at night, and download the pictures we had taken during the day – I think it would have been a nice way to journal, and not been such a huge job when we got home.

Anywho, while thinking about blogging, the Tolstoy comment about all happy families being the same keeps coming back to me.  I mean, I started this blog as a way to talk about my horrible dates, and job, and friend fun stuff, but now I’m all old and shit, and settled into where I want to be…and I’m HAPPY.  And it’s boring to everyone else.  I mean, do you ever call up your friends and say, “Hey, just so you know, I am delighted to be alive.  I have enough money, food, shelter, a wonderful bunch of friends, I’m healthy, and things just couldn’t be better.”?  Of course not!

But maybe we should.  Maybe instead of writing about what I think will make a good blog entry, maybe I’ll just start writing about the dull old life that brings me such delight.

So, friends and readers:

I am delighted to be alive.

I have the best husband ever, and every day I am with him is the best day of my life.

I love my house, and I don’t hate my job.

We have enough money, enough food, and our house is in good shape.

My friends are wonderful and fill my life with joy.

I am experiencing better living through chemicals, and feel pretty good most days.

Life is good.

I am happy.


Teh Interwebs. Let me show you them. October 5, 2007

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Cute Overload! 🙂

Feets! on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Vörös sün on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

I love this one, because I think that kitties feets are cute, but also because it’s so fun to see exactly how they curl all up like that!
Hovercat…is hovering. « I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?

an dats when i new « I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?

I need this, post haste, after I’m knocked up:


Uh, Fuck no:  Big Fat Deal » To Whom It May Concern

Beware:  AnonymousCoworker » Verizon Wireless is Selling Your Information

Life, What the hell is going on?: Warning. Rant ahead.

Chokolatez Rain! « I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?
chokolatez rain! lol!!!


“Don’t you wish there were a knob on the TV to turn up the intelligence? There’s one marked ‘Brightness,’ but it doesn’t work.”

Jean Kerr

“The average, healthy, well-adjusted adult gets up at seven-thirty in the morning feeling just plain terrible.”

Overheard Everywhere | We’ll Get Ours When We Turn on Bill O’Reilly
Father to squirmy two-year-old looking out bus window: No, honey, that’s a church. We can’t go there — they’ll give you a lobotomy.

San Francisco, California

Overheard by: Rebekah

Overheard Everywhere | Ugh, Noun-Adjective Marriages Are So Unnatural
Guy: I don’t understand! What is a pork roll?
Jersey girl: It’s hard to explain… It’s like if bacon married awesome and they had delicious babies.

Shout-out: eavesdropdc.blogspot.com

Overheard In Minneapolis – What Happens in Minneapolis… Goes on the Internet.

That Should Be On The Tab Wikipedia Page.

Curly: Ever had Tab before?

Grizzly: No, what is it?

Curly: It’s diet coke before diet coke was diet coke.

Grizzly: How’s it taste?

Curly: Like a big gulp of dammit.

Overheard in New York | Kindly Clarify Your Objection
Girl #1: I’m living the good life.
Girl #2: No, you’re not! You just sit around eating pie all day.

–The Bowery

Overheard in New York | Um… Yes?
Tourist lady, very slowly: Uhhh, can you… Um, excuse me, can you… um, tell me where… that place downtown… I think it’s, ummm…
Lady suit, interrupting: Christ on a crutch! What are you, Canadian or retarded?!

–4 train, Wall St station

HOWTO knit marzipan – Boing Boing

More Awesome Minneapolis Graffiti…
DSCF9701.JPG on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Stop War Build Bridges on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Part of this nutritious breakfast on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

LOLTheist: Blasphemy is Teh Funneh » Blog Archive » My own little pink bunny rabbit … err … lamb
OMG.  Christy pointed this site out to me, and I’m in lolve.
i shall huggeth thee and squeezeth thee and calleth thee george

LOLTheist: Blasphemy is Teh Funneh » Blog Archive » Dont Hold Your Breath
Heavy Load

i will fuck you up hedgehog on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Prickly Ball Hedgehog Hospital on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Stuff On My Cat: So that’s what cats are made of.

The Rotund » Roly Poly  I want!!!!

Don’t want!!
Speechless « Shapely Prose

Cullen Hightower

“We may not imagine how our lives could be more frustrating and complex–but Congress can.”

Elbert Hubbard

“Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped.”

Now You Can Watch Videos While It Drops Your Calls

Chick: So, what’s so special about this phone other than making millions of people shit their pants simultaneously?
It hasn’t got any buttons, or some-such. It can tell who you want to
call by reading your mind. Also, it smells like flowers and tastes like
bacon. Which is handy, since it can regrow its own skin. And fly.
Chick: Well, I’ll be.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Overheard by: I did NOT shit my pants.

Actually, in Trenton, You Do

Tourist: Is this the 1:13 to Trenton?
Suit: No.
Tourist: Oh, well, where is that?
Suit: Are you just, like, picking track numbers and hoping for the best? Go read the screen, you dumbass.
Tourist: You don’t have to be rude.
Suit: You don’t have to be stupid.

–NJ Transit

Overheard by: Erin

Contemplations of an Ordinary World: My corporate observation for the week
Apparently, Russ and I have the same job.

Life, What the hell is going on?: A Conundrum
What IS the correct answer?  In theory, the correct answer is that fuckwits learn to keep their fuckwittery to themselves, and stop pressing it on other people.

This is just cool:  Artist gets probation for building secret mall apartment – Boing Boing
The apartment.  Not the probation.  That sucks.

African family to adopt Britney’s kids. – By Ellen Tarlin – Slate Magazine

In the spring, I’ll tell you that it’s my favourite season.  But in the fall, well, THAT’S my favourite season.  And here’s why:  confetti skies on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

ufo spotted in MPLS! on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

little Man on a Truck on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

DSCF9875.JPG on Flickr – Photo Sharing!  Love Graffitti!!!

DSCF0289.JPG on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

I love you, TheCurseofBrian!!

Ask Yahoo: Does the Flying Spaghetti Monster Really Exist? at Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Baltimore Sun: His Noodliness reigns unchallenged in Hampden at Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

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A Stitch In Time Saves…. August 24, 2007

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The 35W bridge collapse has affected us all, personally and as a community.  Although we most of us can’t do much to build the bridge back up, we can do something to support the families of those injured or lost.

In response to this tragedy, some of your local crafting friends will be hosting…


A Stitch In Time Saves

Grumpy’s Downtown

1111 Washington Avenue

September 6, 2007

6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.



How Can I Help?


(1)  Are you a crafter or an artist?  Do you know someone who is?  Craft like crazy (make them craft like crazy) and drop or send your donations to:


Crafty Planet

2318 Lowry Avenue NE  Minneapolis, MN  55418


Please have your name/website/contact information along with pricing on your item(s).  Donations must be received at Crafty Planet no later than September 1, 2007.



(2)  Are you a retailer, gallery, group leader, or part of a crafty community?  Please put this notification in your next newsletter or send a special email to your contact list.  Spread the word!  Also, please consider donating to the show (talk to your tax person – you may be able to write it off!)



(3)  SHOP, SHOP, SHOP!!!  Please join us at Grumpy’s on September 6.  Doors will open at 6:00 p.m. for crafty shopping goodness!  All proceeds and donations will go to the Minnesota Helps – Bridge Disaster Fund.



Questions? More details? Just want to chat?  Drop us a line at AStitchInTimeSaves@gmail.com.



Thank you for your support!


Trish, Sarah & Diana




(Thanks especially to Crafty Planet and Grumpy’s for helping us make our charitable dream a reality!)


Ravelry. I has it. July 13, 2007

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Check me out…I’m CraftHog!


A Very Special Post July 11, 2007

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Last week, while knitting at Lyle’s, Devin told me that he’d never been tagged for a meme.



So, Devin, after careful consideration, I tag thee with One Word. Go forth and share.


Seeking Yarn July 3, 2007

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I am on a quest to make my husband a scarf (and possibly hats and mittens) for our trip to Ireland in December.

A few months ago, I bought a lovely silk/merino/something else blend in a lovely blue, with some ivory for contrasting (I’ll be doing thin stripes a la the Harry Potter pattern I am currently making for my sister – I am digging the two-sided thing).  Last night, while I was working on my sister’s scarf, he mentioned that the wool I’m using for that is a bit rough (I only agree because I am not a wool fan – it makes me itchy, and I tend to like the cotton stuff.)  I had knit up a few rows of his scarf, and had him rub his neck with it a few times.  The verdict?  It’s “kinda rough”.


So, I am looking for suggestions for a new yarn.  I’m guessing that he is as sensitive to wool as I am, so I’m thinking not that.  This is a man that is VERY sensitive to tactile things (yes, K, even more so than I am!).  He even wears his boxers inside out because he doesn’t like the tag and elastic feel.  So, something beautiful, warm, and soft for my boy.  Thoughts??