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I’ve been a bad, bad blogger February 7, 2008

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Forgive me, WordPress, for I have sinned.  It’s been more than three months since my last “real” blog entry.  Here are a few of the things that I have been doing in the real world instead of writing about them:

(1) Working like a crazy, crazy bitch.  The end of the year is always a mess around The Organization for Which I Am Employed, and this one was extra-special with the introduction of a new benefit that needed a lot of attention.  Yay, work.  The good news is that we are “restructuring” and as of March 1, I will never take another phone call!  Yay!!!  So, while not terribly interesting or fulfilling, my job at least is rising above the I’d Rather Slit My Wrists Than Be Here situation it was for the last year or so.

(2) Fucking holidays.  Need I say more?  I think that every year I hate Christmas more and more.  I hate the fakery of love, I hate how early it starts, and I hate that (for my family), it’s not about the things that’s important – it’s about giving and getting shit (not that there’s anything wrong with that – I got some great stuff!).  The best part of Christmas this year was that I did NO shopping beforehand.  I highly recommend it.  Since we were going to Ireland, I told everyone that they were getting their gifts after the trip.  Not only did that save me a ton of time shopping (which I don’t like), but I think that I was much more pleased with what I got everyone.   I think that this year I am going to embrace the Homemade Challenge and not buy anything pre-made for Xmas, if not for all holidays.  So much nicer.

(3) Going to Ireland!  My beloved and I spent two weeks in Ireland, driving all over the southern part and took the train to Dublin for a couple of days.  We took 1,799 pictures (you can see the short version here) and generally had a faboulous time.  It was really hard to go back to real life after that – not only because Ireland was so wonderful and I wanted someone to dismantle my house and send it and my animals to me there – but because Jeff and I actually enjoyed spending every moment together.  After that, now it seems like we never see each other.  😦

(4)  Starting a business.  Yep, K and I (mostly K) have finally come up with an idea to do something with that will hopefully, someday, free us from the constraints of regular employment.  We are making corn bags under our old business name of Epiphany, and are busily sewing like mad, and coming up with the makings of our FIRST CRAFT SHOW in March.  Yay, us!

(5) Trying to get knocked up.  I’m just not talking a whole lot about how that’s going, or any details of the manufacturing process, thank you very much.  Let’s just say that at this point, I have given up The Drink (except for when I have my period…might as well have SOMETHING to look forward to!) and am taking vitamins up the yin-yang.

(6) Speaking of babies, Carla and Sarah are both pregnant, and I’m not saying that I might be working on gifts for them, because that would totally take the surprise out of everything, but that might be the case.  In other crafty goodness news, today I am casting on my first sweater, for my mother-in-law’s birthday.  As I am pretty sure that she has never even heard of my blog, I think I am going to document the progress online.  If you could think happy crafty thoughts for me, I’d appreciate it.

(7) Getting a new kitty!  Boris needed a friend, so on Sunday Jeff and I went to our local Humane Society and became the new parents of Checkers, a 12-year-old tortoiseshell and white kitty.  She’s adorable, and snuggly, and SMALL – Boris runs about 15-17 pounds, and she’s under 7 right now.  Of course, HE is scared of HER.  Go, Boris.  Checkers has a cold (not uncommon for shelter kitties) and isn’t eating terribly well, so I’m picking up her old food for her (cheap supermarket stuff that I would never feed my babies) and see if I can get her eating again.


While I have not been actually blogging for a while, I have been thinking about blogging during that time.  When we were in Ireland, I was really wishing we had a lap top so I could write about the trip at night, and download the pictures we had taken during the day – I think it would have been a nice way to journal, and not been such a huge job when we got home.

Anywho, while thinking about blogging, the Tolstoy comment about all happy families being the same keeps coming back to me.  I mean, I started this blog as a way to talk about my horrible dates, and job, and friend fun stuff, but now I’m all old and shit, and settled into where I want to be…and I’m HAPPY.  And it’s boring to everyone else.  I mean, do you ever call up your friends and say, “Hey, just so you know, I am delighted to be alive.  I have enough money, food, shelter, a wonderful bunch of friends, I’m healthy, and things just couldn’t be better.”?  Of course not!

But maybe we should.  Maybe instead of writing about what I think will make a good blog entry, maybe I’ll just start writing about the dull old life that brings me such delight.

So, friends and readers:

I am delighted to be alive.

I have the best husband ever, and every day I am with him is the best day of my life.

I love my house, and I don’t hate my job.

We have enough money, enough food, and our house is in good shape.

My friends are wonderful and fill my life with joy.

I am experiencing better living through chemicals, and feel pretty good most days.

Life is good.

I am happy.


In Which She Finally Posts October 1, 2007

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I have been a bad, bad blogger, just giving you blog dumps and randomness. 


I have to say, that when we were finally able to look for a house, I didn’t want to tell anyone anything about the whole deal in case things fell through.  I hate, hate, hate getting all excited about something that doesn’t come to fruition, and I’d been on the New House ride for so long that I couldn’t believe that things were finally coming together.


So, here’s what happened:


At a KnittinKitten meeting at my place (pool/knitting party) I was in the pool with Jorie, who mentioned how much she loved our place, and wished she could live there.  “Really?” I said.  “You can!”  I told her how much I thought we’d ask for rent (which turned out to be $100 more than we actually did, cause I don’t keep track of that stuff, and Jeff does), and she thought it was a fine idea.  We both ran it past our boys, and decided on a date!


Holy crap!  That means that we need to look for somewhere to live!


Enter Trusty Matt, our realtor.  He started us looking at houses the day after our wedding reception, and we saw 20? 30? in three trips out.  There was one that we both loved – a bit more than we were hoping to pay, but we had pretty much settled on it.  We saw it one time…two times…and on the third time, I just wasn’t sure anymore.  I mean, I liked it, but the house just wasn’t “me”.


Of course, we’d be living there now if we hadn’t found The House.


On first blush, it wasn’t much to look at.  I skimmed the listing, but didn’t think much of it.


Until, I walked into the sun room.  With the built in bookcases.  Which I have always, always, always wanted.


Oh, and it had a fireplace.  And cool little closets.  And a porch in addition to the sun room.  And air conditioning.  And pretty much everything we wanted, for $30,000 less than the other house.


Hells yes, we bought it!


We had to get a home equity loan on the condo to get the down payment, and then get a mortgage on the house.  We were lucky – in the time between when we made an offer and locked in our interest rate, they both kept going down! 


We closed on September 19, moved on the 20th, and moved Jorie and Spencer into the condo on the 22nd.  (Ok, I’m acting like I had anything to do with that…it was all Jeff.  I was at the house with Julie and Bill, who kindly came over to fix my computer and have lunch, and Sarah and Dave, who kindly brought a lemon meringue pie that made me need a moment alone.)


We have been in the house for almost two weeks, and things are starting to come together.  It’s been fun to see all my stuff that’s been IN STORAGE and figure out where it goes in our new abode.  I’ve got the craft room/sun room pretty much put together, and the kitchen and dining room are almost there.  I organized all the books yesterday, and this Wednesday, my day off, is the Great Mopping.  We still don’t really have anywhere to sit….my parents are getting us chairs for either side of the fireplace (oh, that feels so good!) and we have a couple of free couches from relatives to choose from…we just have to decide. 


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a homeowner!