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Five Things February 22, 2009

As we all know, I can’t resist stuff like this.  Christy gave me five things she associates with me. I’ll write about them below. If you’d like five things I associate with you that you can then write about in your own journal, just comment here!

Hedgehogs – My obsession with hedgehogs started in college.  My friend Dave’s girlfriend had been to Russia, where they were popular as pets.  He thought that was awesome, and found a hedgie in Mankato that was looking for a new home.  Dave named him Reggie the Hedgie.  After we left Mankato, he decided that hedgehogs were stupid pets, and he came to live with me.  I had him about a year before he died (cancer).  After my divorce, I got Annie, who I had for about a year and a half before I woke up and she had died.  After Jeff and I got married, I got Furrow from a hedgehog rescue, and had him until a few weeks ago, when I had to find him a new home.  Since I”m pregnant, I couldn’t play with him, and he freaked Jeff out, so he needed to be with someone who could play with him and give him love.

Once you have a weird pet, and let it know that you think everything related is cool, you have a collection.  I have so many hedgehog things that the baby’s room is going to be decorated in Hedgehog.  I’m sure our child will end up hating them.

Thrifting – Oddly enough, something else I learned from Dave’s ex.  Having grown up in a rich suburb, and raised by a mother that only likes old things if they can be considered “antiques” and purchased in the appropriate stores, I did not know how awesome used could be.  (My grandmother actually told me once that she wouldn’t buy anything on sale because sale stuff was “of lesser quality”.  Huhwhat?) For a long time, I dressed primarily in thrift (until I got a job that required suits and shit, and then it got harder as I got fatter).  Most of my furniture has been thrifted.  I fully plan on buying most of my kid’s stuff used (why buy new for that shit?  It’s just gonna get puked on and trashed.)  Since Christy and I are both unemployed and cheap/poor, we have spent all sorts of time in the thrift stores lately.  Yay!

Stroganoff – I make the best stroganoff, ever.  Hands down.  You think yours doesn’t suck?  It might not make someone puke, but I assure you that mine is better.  My recipe has evolved over the years, and keeps getting better.  Last year I even perfected a tofuganoff for the vegetarians in our crowd.  Also did not suck.  I made it for dinner the first time I saw my dad after 22 years, and was surprised to learn that the base recipe that I have used for years initially came from him.  The stroganoff circle is complete.
Knitting – I do that.  My grandma taught me to knit when I was about seven.  She was my daycare, and I think that she taught me to keep me quiet for a while.  I never learned to “make” anything – she would cast on for me, and I’d just knit giant shapeless things, and she’d bind it off for me.  I gave it up for a long time, and took it up seriously after my divorce.  I have not been without a knitting project since then, and have even started a knitting group when I couldn’t find one for younger urban knitters.  Right now, I have two sweaters on the needles, a scarf (those are my UFOs – Unfinished Objects) and a blanket for my little one.  After this, another blanket and a scarf for my dad (and a hat if there is enough left).  My house and my person often have fuzz on them.
Sawatdee- Not just a Thai word and restaurant in my world.  Little Sawatdee is what Jeff and I have called our future child since before s/he was conceived.  (You can see more about that at our baby blog, LittleSawatdee.) I don’t know what more to say about this – I feel like I got pregnant it’s all I talk about, and the word Sawatdee is uttered dozens of times a day in our house.  Have I mentioned yet that I don’t know how I’m going to make it through the next 23 weeks?

Christy also thought these words applied to me:

Easy-Off BAM!
Being swell
Being my landlady
Hard Times Cafe


Mail? What’s mail? February 20, 2008

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Anya and I went to KnitOut at the Damn Mall on Saturday.  While at the Lion Brand booth, we saw all the advertisements for Vanna White’s line of yarn, and products, and books, and and and….

Says I to Anya:  “Why to I have such a hard time believeing that Vanna White is a true, hardcore knitter?”

Anya:  “Because she looks astonished in all the pictures!”

Anywho, we scored the latest catalog from that booth.  This is information I should not have in my possesion.  I found a great picture of a blanket made out of miter squares, which have been my latest obsession.  Unlike the things I have been making, Rambling Rows has different sizes and shapes and does some pretty cool things.

I decided to make this pattern for the blanket for the Tater Tot.  I was also thinking that I might rip out the original afghan for the back of the couch and use this pattern, doubled, instead.  Ah, the crafty goodness!!

I went to get the pattern from the website, found out that you had to pay for it (well, all right), and went to do so.  I thought that, since the Current Project will be done on Friday (deadline:  Sunday.  Friday:  taking Anya for surgery.  Several hours of uninterrupted finishing time!) I could start on the Tot’s blanket.

Oh, hell no.  Lion Brand is mailing the pattern to me.  Via mail.  For more than four dollars!

Amazingly, it’s not the four dollars that chaps me.  I mean, it was a six dollar pattern, with four dollars shipping – it’s still a decent deal for a pattern that I will use more than once.  It’s the mail part that gets to me – why the hell are they sending it through the mail? What not shoot me a PDF on the email I was required to give to buy the pattern…through the mail?!?!

I suppose they don’t want everyone passing it around to their friends, and thus losing the precious pattern revenue.  Boy, I hope they don’t find out about these new-fangled devices known as “photocopiers.”  I bet Xerox is going to go all the way on those.  If Lion Brand does find out about them…they are going to make us get tattoos of the patterns on us so we can’t share them.

I have my eye on a lot of patterns.  I’m not sure I have room on my person for all of them.


Things I Would Rather Be Doing February 7, 2008

So, the Super Crazy Busy period of the year has passed us by, and the reorganization has not yet happened, so I am now in that time in my job – as I have been on many other occasions – where I do not have enough to keep me busy, but still have to look like I am busy 100% of the time.


Interestingly, since I went part time in July, my workload has increased, but not enough to fill the hours of my day.  I’m not entirely sure why I am doing way more than everyone else that works “full time”, yet still have a good chunk of the day to while away.


In an effort to look busy while sitting at my desk without the use of my forefinger and a nostril, here are the things I would be doing if I could go home when my work was finished instead of when the clocks says I can:


(1)   I started the Mother-in-Law’s sweater during lunch.  I am on the beginning of the third row, and have already messed it up.  I don’t know what it is about me that makes me unable to remember the difference between seed stitch and ribbing until I can actually see that I am ribbing instead of doing seed stitch.  I think that part of the problem is that I learned to knit from my grandma in kind of a half-assed way, and not properly.  I call things all the wrong things, and I tend to label the stitches by what I did to get them than by what they look like afterward.  Therefore, on a seed stitch when it tells me to knit the knits of the previous row, I knit the stitches that I knit the previous row, instead of the ones that will turn out like a “knit” stitch instead of what I call the “purl” stitch.  It’s all fucked up.  It’s almost like watching a lefty knit. 


(2)   Short of frogging the 230 stitiches of the sweater and starting over, which I will do at Caribou tonight while waiting for my beloved to be done with his allergy shots, I would take working on the present for Carla’s baby (which needs to be done in 16 short days, not that I’m counting) or casting on for Sarah’s baby (which needs to be done whenever it is that we finally decide her baby shower is going to be).


(3)   Already be waiting for my sweetie at Caribou. 


(4)   Figuring out more stuff on the knitting machine.  Last night my knitting group came over and they figured out how to set the thing up, but there are all sorts of attachments and do-hickeys and things that we can do with it.  I emailed the Textile Center to see if anyone would help us out (for a fee), and I can’t wait to get started on this one.  Baby blankets, here we come!


(5)   Taking a shower.  I slept in today, and I need one.


(6)   Starting work on our corn bags.  They are all cut, and with the purchase of pinking shears yesterday, I am ready to cut the labels and start sewing! 


(7)   Cutting out the quilt that I promised Jeff I’d make two years ago.  This keeps getting further and further down the pile.


(8)   Reading the book I got in the mail yesterday.  I am on track to make my reading goal this year!


(9)   Be hanging out with my girls.  I haven’t had enough social time lately, and I miss it.  Then again, I am deep enough in the February blahs to not want to get off my ass and do anything.


(10)                       Anything, really, as long as it doesn’t involve wasting my time!


I like it. November 15, 2007

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I’ve been seeing this around the Fatosphere, and thought I’d jump in. I heart the meme, you know.

Here’s the deal: type the answer to each question into a Google image search, and then pick a picture off the first page. Here we go:

(1) Age at next birthday:

(2) A place you’d like to travel:

(3) Your favorite place:

(4) Your favorite objects:

(5)  Your favorite food:

(6) Your favorite animals:

(7) Your favorite colour:

(8) Town where you were born:

(9) Town where you live:

(10) Name of a past pet:

(11) First name of a past love:

(12) Best friend’s nickname:

(13) Your screen/nickname:

(14) Your first name:

(15) Your middle name:

(16) Your last name:

(17) Bad habit of yours:

(18) First job:

(19) Grandmother’s name:

(20) College major:

Found via Kate Harding.  Go check her out!


The Sarah Quote of the Day October 29, 2007

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Listen here, Mast Cells:

I’ve about had it with you.  You’re not playing nice — even when Diana is doing the right things for you.  You are being inconsiderate and selfish.  This is unacceptable behavior.  You will stop exploding post-haste so Diana get get some shit done around her fabulous new home.  We’re both sick and tired of her swelling up like a pufferfish for no reason.  She’s having a hard enough time what without my uterus to regulate her; why do you have to go and be that way, huh?

Knock it off right now or I will be forced to send my expanding uterus to kick your ass from here til Christmas.


In Which I Talk About My Pants October 15, 2007

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When Sarah is having a bad day, she tends to take it out on her pants.  She’ll give me a call at some point during the day and inform me that we.must.go.shopping because her pants are too big/too small/too ugly/make her feel fat/offensive to her co-workers.

And then I ask what’s really wrong, and try to get her to not buy new pants.

This post is not about me taking my day out on my pants.  I’m having a fine day.  I mean, I’m at work, so that automatically eliminates the possibility of having a GREAT day, but it’s just fine.

Except for my pants.  Really.

See, for the last few months, I have been wearing my RightFit Jeans, or skirts (or yoga pants, if I’m at home).  Today is the first day in months that I have worn pants other than those jeans, and I have to say…I don’t like it.

They bind.  They don’t fit in the right places.  They are digging into my gut.  I feel like I’m flashing my butt crack to the rest of my office.

I hate them.  I’m not sure how I am going to be able to wear clothes to work until Lane Bryant comes out with the RightFit in other kinds of pants.  For now, I am spoiled from other pants.


A Very Special Post July 11, 2007

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Last week, while knitting at Lyle’s, Devin told me that he’d never been tagged for a meme.



So, Devin, after careful consideration, I tag thee with One Word. Go forth and share.