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Blog Dump, Long Overdue September 15, 2008

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Savage Chickens - Something to Live For

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What I Imagine My Cat Is Doing When I’m At Work « GraphJam

The Brain At Work « GraphJam
song chart memes

#109 The Onion « Stuff White People Like
Mad Magazine on Sarah Palin – Boing Boing

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Someone Will Try That Next Year by Overheard in Minneapolis

6-year-old boy: MOM! I WANT A COOKIE.
Mom: If you don’t start behaving you’re going to turn into a deep-fried boy on a stick at the state fair.

Wayzata, Yacht Club

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NYC tap water in bottles – Boing Boing

Fat Lot of Good » Blog Archive » What matters

Womanist Musings: The Anti-Rape Condom, Your Vagina and You

I was told there would be bacon.: When is a cupcake not a cupcake?

If I Ran the Universe…: You Matter

pissoff: Life on the farm

Category: I’m Ashamed to be an American (again) (still)
(but proud of these writers)

Fourth grader suspended for using broken pencil sharpener – Boing Boing

TSA declares war on large breasts – Boing Boing

Campaign for Unshaved Snatch (CUSS) & Other Rants: No Birth Control for You Because It’s Against My Religion

Campaign for Unshaved Snatch (CUSS) & Other Rants: Abstinence-Only Education is a Huge Success!*

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I was told there would be bacon.: Stop pandering to me.

SNAFU-ed …. Situation Normal: Who’s Elite? Cindy McCain and Her $300,000 Outfit

A Softer World: 353 (It’s only a matter of time, really)

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HOWTO trick your printer into using ALL its ink – Boing Boing

Category: Random Quotes that I’ve Picked Up
I’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he or she handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights – Maya Angelou

Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard – Anne Sexton

Category: A Sad, Sad Day

Remembering David Foster Wallace | Salon Books


Oh, noes September 13, 2008

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A few months ago, having had an ultrasound for suspected gallbladder issues, it was found that I have Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, which is a result of unchecked metabolic syndrome.  (I wrote more about this in my sickie blog.)  The treatment for this is pretty easy – Metformin, baby, Metformin.

Let me just take a minute here to tell you how very much I heart the Metformin.  So far, it has made my skin clear up, my depression abate a bit (during a time in which it should have been flaring pretty good), my hair grow, my blood pressure go down (140/90 to 104/80), my cholesterol go down (230 to 177), and I’m starting to melt off some of the fat that is stored when your body doesn’t know what to do with sugar.

And that’s the deal with Metformin.  Basically, left to its own devices, my body doesn’t know what to do with sugar, so it wants me to eat lots and lots of it, and then it turns it all into fat (have I mentioned lately that I gained 100 pounds in about five years with no change in diet?)  Metformin makes my body figure out what to do with sugar in a more appropriate way, and tells my body that to have too much of it is poison, and will immediately expel said excess in ways that are unpleasant to me, the experiencer, and you, the passer-by.  Just trust me on this one.

For the most part, that’s ok.  Now that I don’t crave sugar every moment of the day, I’m not also eating every moment of the day, and I’ve been able to get rid of a lot of my food obsessions, which is only good.  However, the amount of sugar that I can tolerate on an average day is pretty low.  Very, very low.

For the last few weeks, since my dose got increased again, I’ve been able to have a daily Coke – sometimes two – and maybe one other sweet thing if it was around and I wanted it.  I know that I should give up the Coke, cause it’s loaded with high-fructose corn syrup, which is really Death Made By Corn.  But, I say to myself, I’ve gotten rid of it in the rest of my diet, and lots of other horrible things, so one Coke isn’t going to hurt me – all things in moderation, right? (Let’s not talk about the awful fucking campaign the makes of HFCS are putting on….read about it here.)

And, frankly, I don’t fucking want to.  Part of my journey on body acceptance and Health At Every Size is learning to not deprive myself.  I like to eat, damn it, and although I generally make good choices, I do make some less than great choices, and that’s ok.  It’s all about the big picture, and not buying into my old habits of disordered eating.  So the Coke stays.

The last few days, I haven’t been feeling s’good.  Not anything terribly definable, just a general malaise and some fatigue and not quite feeling like myself.  I especially noticed it at the Tribute to the Classy Broad on Saturday  last, and figured it was just because I wasn’t drunk.  But it’s been going on all week, and my excuses have run out (I’m tired, I’m hungry, it’s raining,  fucking Republicans….)

Until this morning.  And by this morning, I mean when I finally got around to eating “breakfast” (summer sausage, crackers and cheese) at about 2:00 p.m.)  I had my tasty, tasty meal along with my daily Coke….

And an hour later felt shaky, like I needed a nap, and a bit depressed.  Oh, and I’m not going to talk about what’s going on in the bowel region, because I have too, too much love for you, dear reader.

Et tu, Coke?

Yes, it seems that my friend, my love, my partner in life since I was 15, has turned against me.


So, I guess I am going to give up the Coke.  Not because of the million reasons that it’s not good for me, but because my body has decided for me that the bubbly combination of HCFS and awesome is no longer good for me.

Damn it, liver – you better be worth this.


Blog Dump – Long Past Due July 28, 2008

In Which We See Cute Things and Receive Spiritual Guidance from I Can Has Cheezburger

In Which We See Awesome Things That I Or Someone I Love Need To Purchase Post Haste

Pickle Jar With Fork from Ooh-Shiny.Net  (Sarah, I’m looking at you)

The Agreeable Sheep from Ooh-Shiny.Net  (Heather?)

Puppet Hoodie from Ooh-Shiny.Net (This one is for me, but it’s not in my size….do these things stretch in the wash?)

The Urban Homestead: Your Guide to Self-sufficient Living in the Heart of the City on Boing Boing.  (Sarah, you again)

Roku: $100 gadget for watching Netflix movies on your TV (Freaking EVERYONE!  This looks awesome!!)

Portable cardboard toilet on BoingBoing.  Yes, the Shit Box.  My beloved has decided that, because we only have one bathroom, he needs a bucket with a toilet seat in the garage in case we both have the flu or something at the same time.  Last time we were at Home Depot he bought the seat for it.  For the record, I have been lobbying for the installation of a random basement toilet, but so far he’s not going for it.  As a resonable second, I think that we should at least get a shit box.  If I’m going to be emptying my bowels in the garage, I want a proper receptacle.  Those of you that Twitter will find that this is my new icon.  This is why I should never, ever show Christy funny stuff while I am drunk.  When she says, “that would make a great icon”, I’m on it like white on rice.  However, even when I sobered up I still thought it was pretty awesome.

In Which We Have A Commentary On My Job, Which I Am Not Currently Working

From GraphJam:

In Which The Holiest Part of Christianity is Blasphemed for Our Personal Pleasure

From Loltheist:

In Which We Listen In On Conversations:

So I’m Sorry I Did That, Amber  (from Overheard Everywhere)

English teacher: Calling someone a douche is not a constructive comment, even if it’s true.
Flora High School
Columbia, South Carolina

The Pen Had It Comin’! (from Overheard in Minneapolis)

Metro Transit phone employee (on speakerphone): Take the sixteen bus towards…
18 year old girl trying to get directions: Wait, wait you’re talking too fast and my pen died.
Metro Transit phone employee: You killed your pen? You heartless BITCH.

Univeristy/ sixteen bus line
Overheard by Death to ink.

Relax, I’m Just Horngry (from Overheard in the Office)

Financial specialist, in front of his pregnant wife/coworker: God, I would nail someone if they had some bacon right now!
Wife/coworker: What the hell is wrong with you?
Dallas, Texas
Overheard by: God Help Me

Then How Come It Got Me More Time on My SATs? (from Overheard in the Office)

Boss on phone: That is not clinical! Being an asshole is not a clinical condition.
Ginko Industrial Park
Warminster, Pennsylvania

Is It Still a Place Where You Wash Your Hands? (from Overheard in the Office)

Kitchen grunt: You ever poop and suddenly find the world a better place?
Main Street
Greenwood, Indiana

Overheard by: RDC

In Which We Are Surprised.  Wait, No We Aren’t

U.S. still flunks healthcare test, group says

Absolutely fucking OUTRAGEOUS! by Paulius

Fox’s “Anti-Aging Fix” for McCain by Technology Expert

Larry Craig, Daniel Vitter Co-Sponsors of “Marriage Protection Amendment” by Technology Expert

Vampire babies on the attack! by Jen

In Which I Have A Whole Other List of Books To Check Out

List of every book read by Art Garfunkel since 1968.  I’d like to point out that Art started this list the very month and year that my beloved was born.  And that while Art is referenced in this article as a “voracious” reader, he averages about two books per month.  This year, I am averaging two per year.  And I really need to get going on cataloging them.

Speaking of books, some of my favorite books when I was a kid (and even now, I’ll admit it) were the Anne of Green Gables series by L.M. Montgomery. 100 Candles Anne of Green Gables grows old and gets her due. When my mom introduced me to Anne, the books were actually out of print in the states, and I read the same copies that she had read as a child…the hardbound editions with all of the dust covers missing.  For years I thought I was named after Diana Barry, Anne’s best friend, my dad recently told me he picked the name from the Paul Anka song.  When my oldest sister was born, when I was 11, I was allowed to pick her middle name.  I choose Anne.  Although my sister didn’t grow up to be a sassy redhead (wait, yeah she did), she can at least say – for sure! – that she was named after Anne of Green Gables.

In Which I Find New Websites to Waste My Time With

Things I Should Throw Out: Clippings From The Eighties

In Which I’m Just….Amazed.  And A Bit Disturbed

Man electrocutes pickle to demonstrate power of Christianity So, because I don’t love Jebus, I will not glow in the dark and I can’t make any difference in the world?  What?

In Which I’m Just Amazed

The Pregnant Man.  I cried recently when I learned that Thomas Beatie and his wife had safely delivered their little girl.  While I might just be a little sensitive about the whole having-babies thing right now, it makes me so happy when people who desperately want children are able to have them, in whatever way it happens.  Birth, adoption, whatever – these people wanted an expression of their love for each other in the form of a child, and they were able to do it in an unconventional way.  It’s beautiful.  It would have been beautiful if they’d been able to do it in a “normal” way, too, but then the rest of us wouldn’t have been able to share in the joyous birth of a child who was so, so wanted.

In Which There Is a Gratuitous Post About Bacon

In Which Women Smarter Than I Talk About Life and Other Big Things

Is HAES Unhealthy? by Well-Rounded Mama

Yeah, whatever, Kate Moss by peggynature

The cult of dieting by attrice

Possibly, The Most Tasteless CUSS Post to Date by Suzanne

ChronicBit: Lab tests demystified Via Lab Tests Online, where you can search for just about any test and learn what it means. Excellent tool for us Babes… thanks for the top, ChronicPal Shannon!

Family Pride by Happy Villain

Eye-Opener by Happy Villain


Old Navy, I’m Done With You June 8, 2008

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Dear Old Navy –

You used to be my favorite store.  You let me get fun fashions at affordable prices, and had nice, basic stuff that I could build both a work and a “play” wardrobe with.

But then, Old Navy decided that they no longer wanted fat people in their stores, and went “exclusively online” with women’s plus size fashions.  That meant that I could no longer go shop at my favorite store and instead had to buy from the website if I wanted something.  I don’t like doing that – not only are your sizes a bit off so that I like to see how the clothes fit on me, but I am a “browsing” shopper – I don’t usually come into a store with a fixed idea of what I want.  I liked being able to go into Old Navy and find cool stuff that I wouldn’t have looked at on the website.

Now Old Navy won’t take returns at the store from the “exclusively online” women’s collection.  When I do order something online (which iI don’t like doing) and it doesn’t work out (which often it doesn’t), I can’t even go to the store to return it and browse for other ideas- I have to make a whole separate trip to the post office (which somewhat negates the negligible “convenience” of shopping online to begin with).

I hear you loud and clear, Old Navy.  You don’t want teh fatties in your store.  Our money isn’t as good as anyone else’s.  We’re not worth looking pretty and having fun, affordable options.

You now have one less fattie to deal with.

Are you pissed too?  Write to Old Navy at custserv@oldnavy.com


I’ve taken the pledge. You should too. January 22, 2008

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Check it out here: http://harrietbrown.blogspot.com/2008/01/love-your-body.html



Big Blog Dump (with lots of hedgies!) October 26, 2007

SNAFU-ed …. Situation Normal: Bill Maher: “Show me a man wearing an American flag pin in his lapel, and I will show you an *sshole”

Parents use religion to avoid vaccines – Yahoo! News
Seriously, people?  Autism is a very complicated condition, and it is not – repeat NOT – likely to be caused from something simple like a vaccine.  People that make the link say that autism rates are rising…but could it be that, like diabetes, the rates are rising because the definition of autism has changed??  I’m certainly not saying that autism is not a serious condition – for those that are affected, it certainly is – but it seems that autism is the new ADD – fucking everyone has it, and if you can’t figure out what is “wrong” with a kid, s/he is autistic.  Let’s let diseases be, and accept that individual variations in a person aren’t always a clinical problem that needs to be treated. 

Colbert announces presidential pursuit – Yahoo! News
Finally.  A presidential candidate that I don’t hate!

Junkfood Science: Junkfood Science Exclusive: The big one — results of the biggest clinical trial of healthy eating ever
Best ending to an article ever:
Health is not evidence of moral
character and pristine diets. Don’t let anyone try to scare you,
threaten you, or get you to believe that if you don’t eat “right”
(whatever their definition) you’ll get fat, cancer, heart disease, or
die sooner. There is simply no good evidence.

Shakesville – I write letters
Damn, I love this woman.  I hate Ann Coulter with a hatred I usually reserve for ex-husbands, but Melissa totally put the smack-down on Maxim for hating her in a stupid way. 

The Rotund » “You Aren’t Fat” is not a compliment

Cute Overload! 🙂  This hedge finished carving her pumpkin – have you?

Prickleball the hedgehog for Colbert 08 on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

2007-10-08 Burning Hog Day 3 004.jpg on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
(Adding to Christmas list!)

My duhpreshun « Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures – I Can Has Cheezburger?
funny cat pictures & lolcats - My duhpreshun Let me show you it.

We’re in your hand « Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures – I Can Has Cheezburger?hedgelols - We’re in your hand Being tiny popples

hallelujah! « Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures – I Can Has Cheezburger?
lolcat - hallelujah!  praise the lawd!

As you might have noticed, I have become a great lurker on the fatosphere.  I don’t have anything particularly interesting to say, and when I do, other woman have said it best.  I find that many weeks my best “clippings” come from these woman.  Yay!
She Dances On The Sand: Too fat for the job

Shortness Reaching Epidemic Proportions! « Shapely Prose  (Sarah, this one is for you! Grow, damnit!)

She Dances On The Sand: Sometimes, other people say it better than I can

Shakesville:  Politicized Embryos Are Fair Game

Shakesville: Par for the Course

Shakesville:  Atheists Stunned by Amazing Toast that Does Not Resemble Charles Darwin Whatsoever

She Dances On The Sand: Anti-vax and HIV deniers

Headless Torso: Commandments for the Lifestyle Police?

Fussy | Photo
cheese balls
How, exactly, does one install cheeseballs?

I found a fatal flaw in the logic of love.: The Important Stuff: Part I
This reading is amazing.  Congrats to Alissa and Evan!

Campaign for Unshaved Snatch (CUSS) & Other Rants: $&%#@!

Bitch Ph.D.:  Just the facts, Ma’am
For fuck’s sake (see “CUSS”, above).  When we people fucking learn about what PP really does?  Also, you thorn-in-my-ass anti-choice people, if you don’t give access to/information about birthcontrol, there are MORE abortions.  The best way to prevent abortion? Prevent unwanted pregnancies! 

I was told there would be bacon.: Oh, honey. Don’t we all?

not martha:  Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm Yarn CSA Giveaway
Oh, another wonderful thing on my Christmas list.  I really, really need to find some rich relatives.

Dilbert Comic Strip Archive – Dilbert.com – The Official Dilbert Website by Scott Adams – Dilbert, Dogbert and Coworkers!
Today's Dilbert Comic

LOLTheist: Blasphemy is Teh Funneh » Blog Archive » Shortly thereafter, the crutch came into the picture…jumpin’ jesus on a pogo stick

From Overheard in Chicago:

Man logic

By Ziggy

Woman: “Are you ever going to help me with the kids?”

Man: “I try to help as much as I can.”

Woman: “But you don’t do anything. When I ask for help, you always say you can’t, or you’ll do it later, or some other excuse.”

“But, honey, you don’t understand. The more I help, the more I cause
problems. I can get in the way. I can do something wrong. I can mess
something up. The more I’d help, the more you’d need to clean up after
me. By NOT helping, I’m actually doing more than you think.”

– Glenview

— Submitted by Torpedo

Flyer for an awesome dog – Boing Boing200710241336

HOWTO Find out why your flight is REALLY delayed – Boing Boing

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In Which I Talk About My Pants October 15, 2007

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When Sarah is having a bad day, she tends to take it out on her pants.  She’ll give me a call at some point during the day and inform me that we.must.go.shopping because her pants are too big/too small/too ugly/make her feel fat/offensive to her co-workers.

And then I ask what’s really wrong, and try to get her to not buy new pants.

This post is not about me taking my day out on my pants.  I’m having a fine day.  I mean, I’m at work, so that automatically eliminates the possibility of having a GREAT day, but it’s just fine.

Except for my pants.  Really.

See, for the last few months, I have been wearing my RightFit Jeans, or skirts (or yoga pants, if I’m at home).  Today is the first day in months that I have worn pants other than those jeans, and I have to say…I don’t like it.

They bind.  They don’t fit in the right places.  They are digging into my gut.  I feel like I’m flashing my butt crack to the rest of my office.

I hate them.  I’m not sure how I am going to be able to wear clothes to work until Lane Bryant comes out with the RightFit in other kinds of pants.  For now, I am spoiled from other pants.


Teh Fat. It Kills (me) October 4, 2007

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TGIT! Thank Goodness It’s Thursday!

Organization at Which I Am Employed has decided to celebrate customer service appreciation week in a novel way this year. Instead of having one week jam-packed with appreciation for the work that we slaves employees do everyday, they have spread it out over five Thursdays.

Since I try to keep my employer semi-anonymous, it’s hard for me to fully explain the asshattery that is the premise of a lot of our “wellness” programs. Let’s just say it’s a wheel, with five sections. Each section represents an area of “wholeness” that you need in order to be a fully functioning, god-fearing person. The actual premise is good, but the execution sometimes lacks.

So, the TGIT program is focusing on one area of the wheel each week. This week, we are focusing on physical wellness. Chair massages were available (yum) and a lecture given on “healthy cooking.”

I had no intention of going to said lecture, as I was pretty sure that it was just going to piss me off. However, a lack of meaningful tasks, and the encouragement of two of my work buddies got me in the room. I figured I can always use some more recipes.

Imagine my disappointment when this ended up being a seminar on ATKINS IS GOD.

Now, I heart Atkins. It was the one diet that I could stay on, because anything that lets me eat an unlimited amount of bacon, steak, and cheese and be able say, Oh, I’m on Atkins! when questioned about my poor eating habits made me all happy. However, it falls in the area of Diet, and The Royal We no longer diets. Or talks about diets. Or encourages people on diets. We don’t like them. And they are bad for us.

The co-worker and her husband that did the presentation (complete with Splendarific brownies! And ice cream! That taste like ass!) have lost 34 and 57 pounds, respectively. Good for them. Obviously, they don’t realize:

  • Diets don’t work
  • They will regain all that weight, and then some
  • Eventually, they are going to go back to their natural weight
  • There’s not a whole fucking lot you can really do about that
  • But they’ve just messed up their metabolism
  • And caused more health problems than they started out with

My co-worker said that they started this because she was ordered by her doctor to lose 70 pounds. Knowing this woman, I am guessing that it’s because they have been trying, unsuccessfully, for many years to have a child. When will doctors learn that teh fat doesn’t cause infertility, but may indeed be a symptom of another problem? Maybe they should have a look-see at that, easily solved, problem instead of sending this poor woman on a wild-goose chase.

The entire presentation was here’s how we gave up everything we loved, have convinced ourselves that using chemicals in processed foods is far superior to eating real food, and we’ve lost weight…and so should you!

I was right. It did piss me off.

However, it didn’t piss me off as much as the reaction of my other co-workers. I feel that newly successful dieters are just like the born-again variety of any religion. They are all gung-ho for a while (Splenda is great! Jesus loves me! Ask me how!) and then either (a) they realize what idiots they’ve been; or (b) you start avoiding them.

My co-workers, however, were entranced. All day, the women around me have been talking about how they need to go on a diet, and how they want to do what these other people have done, and how inadequate they are because they are not perfect.


I have used this as my opportunity to deploy some of my new fat-activism skillz, and I have to say that I am depressed at the responses I am getting. When I tell these friends that they are perfect the way they are, and that to try to change it is not only silly but dangerous, they all give me the same stock answer of, but it’s bad for me to be this fat.

Says who?

The doctor/the media/I just know it is

Really? Did you do the research yourself? Have you read any unbiased, non-diet-industry funded reports? Do you realize that the “ideal” BMI range is not only bullshit, but has been reduced? Do you realize that “overweight” people live longer than “underweight” people? That the trick to health is to get off your ass and move once in a while and eat non-plastic food whether or not this makes you lose weight?

And then I get the look that says you’re just justifying this to yourself because you’re fat and you can’t lose weight.

In homage to Kate Harding’s fan-fucking-tabulous project, I present you with me*:


My name is Diana. I am 5’8″ and I weigh 227 pounds.

I am perfect the way I am.


*Apparently, I haven’t had any pictures taken of me since our wedding in March. I guess I’m always taking them instead of posing for them! This one was taken in January, 2007.


From the recesses of teh interwebs…. September 7, 2007

Where you fall in poll of U.S. reading habits – CNN.com
This makes me sad.  One in FOUR American’s haven’t read a book in the last year.  I average over 70 a year…I know that I’m a more voracious reader than most, but seriously?  A quarter of the population doesn’t read at all??? 

In that vein, here is one of the quotes of the day:

Logan Pearsall Smith

“People say that life is the thing, but I prefer reading.”

Stuff On My Cat: Words can’t express how awesome this is.

Stuff On My Cat: Oh yes, revenge will be mine.

Her job?
Her job?
Gosh, I’m glad MY husband doesn’t see it this way (although I have a sneaking suspicion that my EX would have loved this).

Overheard Everywhere | Can’t Wait ’til They Go Up against Hillary’s Flying Monkeys

Can’t Wait ’til They Go Up against Hillary’s Flying Monkeys

Girl #1: How come the pigeons don’t die when they hop on that third rail?
Girl #2: Because they’re Dick Cheney’s unholy army of the night.

Chicago, Illinois

Overheard by: I’m glad I couldn’t vote back then

Overheard in the Office | But I Guess My Underling Will Have to Do
Dispatcher peering into Tupperware container: I am so sick of kielbasa I could kick Jesus in the shins!

Emergency center

Foregound Background 3598 on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Have I mentioned yet today how much I love the love graffiti? 

IMG_8174 on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
This one won’t let me copy it, but go take a look – it just tickles my funnybone!

widen on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
These three images rock.

Feed Me!: Another missed opportunity

A Job in Hell: Why I Work

Amen.  A-men.

Bitch Ph.D.

The-f-word.org » Blog Archive » Brains optional in Miss Teen USA pageant
This makes baby Jebus cry.

Cute Overload! 🙂
I ❤ hippos! 

And now, for some hedgie goodness:

Cute Overload! 🙂

Poor baby hedges. Have a hairbrush for a Mom. Could be worse. Could be a Marlboro Light.

For more on this story, check out the Daily Mail UK.

Another sign I need in the future hedgie room:
hedgehog`s crossing! on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Baby Hedgies!!!  From White belly hedgehog – 3 days old on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
White belly hedgehog - 3 days oldWhite belly hedgehog - 3 days oldWhite belly hedgehog - 3 days oldWhite belly hedgehog - 3 days old

This is how I feel first thing in the morning: GIMME MAI COFFEH! « I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?

She Dances On The Sand: Ban the Grays!

Savage Chickens: Monday Ritual Cartoon
Savage Chickens - Monday Ritual

And, finally for this week, some photos I loved on Flickr:

DSCF3026.JPG on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
thecurseofbrian does the best graffitti photos ever!

(this one made me think of Boris!)

Free Bacon Night!!! (?) on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
HOOK ME UP!!!!!!!!

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Links N Giggles July 31, 2007

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Fat Is Contagious! « Shapely Prose

Don’t You Realize Fat Is Unhealthy? « Shapely Prose

Obesity, laxity, and political correctness. – By William Saletan – Slate Magazine
What a bunch of complete horse shit.  Anyone who believes the very loose conclusions of this particular study, and uses it to claim that fat people need to be stigmatized deserves to be shot.  Or put on a diet.  🙂

Cthulhu’s Cafeteria: “Boss? I can’t come in to work today. Yeah, I’ve got The Fat, and I don’t want everyone to catch it….”

In an effort to avoid doing any actual work, here are the pictures I’ve saved off my Minneapolis Flickr feed of late…

CIMG3169 on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
This is one of a display of stone benches at the Walker Sculpture Garden….this one has always been my favorite.

More Love Graffiti! 
street art on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
street art

Resource Directory for Women Business Owners | BlogHer

Body Impolitic – Blog Archive – » Health Insurance in the U.S.: The Devil in the Details – Laurie Toby Edison: Photographer
Anyone who minimizes the health care situation in this country needs to be uninsured…or a sickie.

Obesity: An Overblown Epidemic? — [ NUTRITION AND HEALTH ]: Scientific American

Overheard in the Office | You Don’t Start Out Hating Them

10AM You Don’t Start Out Hating Them

Angry girl coworker: Goddammit! I fucking hate people!
Friend: But you work in HR…

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