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Happy Hedgehog Day February 2, 2009

Filed under: hedgies — Diana @ 9:11 pm

furrowAfter my disappointment of two years ago* when I learned that hedgehogs might not actually be at the root of learning whether we have six more weeks of winter, I was not going to write my annual hedgehog day post this year.  I did wish my Facebook friends a Happy Hedgehog Day, but that was about it.

Until I checked my blog stats tonight.  I had a HUGE spike in hits.  And most of them were going to the Hedgehog Day post.

Just for giggles, I Googled “Hedgehog Day” and found out that I am the SECOND result, only after HedgehogCentral.

So, thank you, Interwebs, for making me feel all special on this Hedgehog Day.  I hope that your local hedgie did NOT foretell six more weeks of winter like that bastard Phil.

*BTW, this is the fourth most read post that I have ever written, after A Letter To Those Without Hereditary or Idiopathic Angioedema, American Billing Systems, and Links N Giggles.  I”m not sure why that one is so popular.


One Response to “Happy Hedgehog Day”

  1. del4yo Says:

    I’m quite happy to see I’m not the only one celebrating hedgehog day! I decided this out of the blue last year, and I’m quite happy I’m not the only one. Happy hedgehog day to you!

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