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Update: 33 Things Before I’m 34 January 25, 2009

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Only a little more than two shopping months left:


  1. Clean and organize the basement
  2. Hang the lamps I bought in London (Done! 11.26.2008)
  3. Get a new roof
  4. Rip out the crap plants in the side garden, manure, and get ready for spring
  5. Figure out how to program the damn thermostat  (Done! Novemberish, 2008)
  6. Get all the filing done so that the downstairs basket is empty at least once (Done! 10.15.2008)
  7. Learn to bake bread


  1. Sell the condo
  2. Pay off the Home Depot credit card
  3. Pay off the dentist (Done! November, 2008)
  4. Pay off the tax bill
  5. Make a budget that has us live within current income while putting money into savings/Jeff’s 403b
  6. Join the co-op


  1. Have blue hair
  2. Go to the dentist even though I am terrified of even the thought (This has been put off until after the baby comes – the OB doesn’t want me to go unless it’s am emergency.  After five years, I doubt it is.)
  3. Start doing the x365 project (Done!  Started January 25, 2009)
  4. Finish reading 100 books by the end of 2008  (Done!  Read 123 books in 2008!)
  5. Get pregnant  (Done!  We are due August 3, 2009!)
  6. Get my social security card updated  (Done!  Received it in the mail last week!)
  7. Make a medical alert bracelet I don’t hate and will actually wear
  8. Take a fall leaf viewing walk with my sweetie (Done!  November 1, 2008)
  9. Get new glasses that I love (should probably also go to eye doctor)  (Done – picked up December 2)
  10. Go to the Bottineau library with my sweetie


  1. Create a fun Girls’ Night with the Classy Broads and the other wonderful woman that I know (Done – scheduled for January 24)  (Not yet done – was so sick I had to cancel, so I’ll have to reschedule.)
  2. Do the Ugly Christmas Sweater Pub Crawl that Jess told us about (Was too tired to go, as I was five weeks pregnant at the time.  Will have to add that to the list for next year.)
  3. Go to Roller Girls with Julie and Bill  (Done!  November 22, 2008)
  4. Visit my sister in Madison (Done!! 10.17.2008/10.19.2008)


  1. Knit my dad an awesome sweater
  2. Make Jeff’s quilt
  3. Make quilt for sewing room sofa
  4. Make at least part of everyone’s Christmas gift, or buy handmade gifts  (For the most part, reached this goal.  Bought far fewer gifts this year, and what I did give was mostly handmade by me or someone else.)
  5. Make Christmas cards  (Done, and they were adorable!)
  6. Make bags for holiday gifts instead of buying paper ones  (This I also ended up being too tired to do.  I fully intended, but the first trimester tired took over.  Maybe next year.)

15 Done, Three Postponed….


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