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This makes me sad August 27, 2008

Filed under: bitching,political,shit i believe in — Diana @ 9:06 pm

Lesbian activist Del Martin dies months after marrying partner

It makes me sad not only that she died only two months after getting to marry her partner of over 50 years, but that assholes like this one think that this is “God’s” comment on gay marriage.

Look, you little wanker:  I don’t care what kind of marriage YOU want to have, but everyone is entitled to the kind of marriage THEY want to have.  My hetero-normative one man/one woman marriage sure as fuck wouldn’t be sanctified by whatever crazy church you belong to either – does that mean that I am not allowed to be married?  When will our country learn to butt the fuck out of people’s business?  If I want to make a legal arrangement – which is all marriage is in our country – with a person of the same sex, so fucking what?  If I want a woman to be making MY end of life decisions, or take care of my children when I die, how does that violate the sanctity of YOUR marriage?

Maybe we need to move to a system like France has – you have a “civil” ceremony to be married in the eyes of the law, and if you want, a church ceremony to be married in the eyes of whatever the fuck you believe in.  And that’s WHATEVER you believe in – unlike you, Stevie D. Williams, I don’t think that I get to have a say in what other people believe.  You have as much right to follow your crackpot god as I do to not follow it.  The difference between me and you and the rest of your ilk is that I let people do what is right for them and respect their choices.  I don’t believe that there are all that many absolute rights and wrongs.  And I don’t believe that it is my place to make judgments on anyone else’s way of life, or convert them to my way.

And YOU, Tiggertown, have just shown us your ignorance.  Yes, Del was admitted with a broken arm.  You know what happens to 87 year old women when they go to the hospital, even with “minor” ailments?  They get pneumonia and die.  Cause they are 87 fucking years old and not in great health.  Reading the rest of your comments did not improve my opinion of your intelligence.  Maybe you should actually read and learn about the topics you are commenting on instead of showing the rest of the world what a jack ass you are through the “anonymous” commenting.

Back to my original point:  Jeff and I were old enough when we met that we will more than likely not spend 55 years together, which makes me sad, but he was worth the wait.  I realize that I am lucky to be able to solidify my relationship with him so that he can make decisions for me, have equal access to our children, etc.  It saddens me that those of my loved ones that do not have hetero-normative relationships don’t get to have those same rights.  And it’s just plain wrong.  If, as the christians say, we are to follow the Golden Rule, how is denying men and women the chance to marry doing unto others as you would have done unto you?  If you are following this rule, then you are a fucking hypocrite to stand against gay marriage.

Peace to your memory, Del.  Thanks for all of your work.


2 Responses to “This makes me sad”

  1. Barb Says:

    Here’s what I don’t get – Del died two months after she and her partner married. I’m certain that we could find examples of hetero-normal, and even hetero-normal-Christian, marriages that have ended similarly tragically and abruptly. Are those tragedies God’s comments on their marriages? No, of course not, it was “just their time”. Some people’s heads are so far up their asses that they can’t smell their own hypocrisy anymore.

  2. peoplefrommypast Says:

    A-FREAKIN-men. It makes me so angry that these assholes use this woman’s death to spew hate.

    I’m saddened by Del’s death. I left a message on her guestbook.

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