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I’m smart but lazy, and nobody likes me August 26, 2008

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One Response to “I’m smart but lazy, and nobody likes me”

  1. Ben Says:

    You may be smart. Odds are you are if you are claiming this. However, something that I find with most women is that they are only interested in worthless stuff. So you know every single person in Cosmo. Is that going to help you make money? If yes, stop reading. If probably not, then you need to find some interests of hobbies outside of “entertainment”. If you like to draw, go that direction, If you like to eat, be a chef. If you like to watch tv, or play video games or read novels all day, you’re screwed. You need a productive hobby. Stamp collecting sucks. Where will that get you? No where! If you like guns, you can be a guns smith, if you like cars you can be a mechanic. etc. If you like stamps…. see where I’m going with this. It’s not rocket science. Stop being a typical chick, worried about your friends drama and gossip, only to go home from work to read about some celebrity gossip and watch some tv drama. This is retarded and it’s why many men treat women badly. They don’t respect women. Pick up an arts and crafts book or popular mechanics. Read wikipedia, read a history book. learn something USEFUL!

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