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Furrow’s Adventure June 9, 2008

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This morning, Jeff woke me up before the alarm went off and said, “The hedgehog cage fell down.”

My hedgie, Furrow, lives in a cage on top of a baker’s rack in my “craft room” (the sun room off the living room).  Apparently it had tipped off the baker’s rack during the night.

I went downstairs and saw the destruction…bedding and hedgie stuff all over…but no hedgie.  I got on the floor and started looking under everything that he might have crawled under, thinking that either he was hurt and hiding, or had run off somewhere and fallen asleep (hedgies are nocturnal).

I didn’t see him anywhere…I crawled all over the first floor of the house (which I assure you was just as sexy as you think it might have been).  I knew he couldn’t have gotten upstairs, since the door up is always closed, but I wasn’t sure that he couldn’t have gotten downstairs.  We leave the basement door open a bit for the cats – the litter box is down there – and if Boris’s fat cat self can squeeze through, then a one pound hedgie would sure be able to.  I was worried, however, that he’s not big enough to get safely down the stairs – he must have fallen.

Hoping that I had just overlooked him upstairs, I went to look through the basement.

The first place I looked was behind the washer and dryer.  Lo and behold, there were a couple of beady little eyes and a sniffing hedgehog nose!

But how to get him out of there?  The washer and dryer are pretty tight against the wall, and the dryer, which he was behind) is gas, so I wasn’t really keen on having us move that and break something.  Jeff was able to wiggle the washer out so that I could reach behind the dryer….but no hedgie.  I thought that maybe there was a crawl space under the dryer that he had climbed into, so Jeff and I started debating whether Hedgehog retreival was covered under our Centerpoint appliance plan.  I crawled back there to check out the crawl space, but found that there was nothing big enough that he could scoot into – he must be on the move again.

Jeff started checking out the perimeter of the basement, and found him all the way on the other side, looking up at him.  I scooped him up – he wasn’t even scared and rolled up in a ball!  He had a little bit of a cut on his nose, and looked like he’d ripped of a toenail, but otherwise was fine.

I gave him a bath, made sure there were no more injuries, and took him outside to dry off and run around so I could see that all of his legs were working.  Not only were his legs just fine, but he was running all around the back yard just as bold as you please – he’s never been outside where he didn’t at least startle or start out in a little hedgie-ball.

So, having made sure he was fine and calmed my pulse down a bit, we put his cage back together, cleaned up the sun room, and put him away for his day of sleep.  I’m sure he’s tired.  He is now going to live in the spare bedroom, on the dresser, which is wider and has less chance of cage-wiggle.


2 Responses to “Furrow’s Adventure”

  1. christy Says:

    Oh god! I bet you were a nervous hedgie-mama for a while.

    I’m glad he didn’t have any serious injuries.

  2. jamboree Says:

    Oh, I’m glad Furrow was okay! We have a little hedgie ourselves, Charlie, and he’s a hoot. One of the easiest, most laid-back animals I’ve ever owned, even with three young children squeeling in delight at his antics!

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