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Old Navy, I’m Done With You June 8, 2008

Filed under: being a fattie,bitching — Diana @ 8:49 pm

Dear Old Navy –

You used to be my favorite store.  You let me get fun fashions at affordable prices, and had nice, basic stuff that I could build both a work and a “play” wardrobe with.

But then, Old Navy decided that they no longer wanted fat people in their stores, and went “exclusively online” with women’s plus size fashions.  That meant that I could no longer go shop at my favorite store and instead had to buy from the website if I wanted something.  I don’t like doing that – not only are your sizes a bit off so that I like to see how the clothes fit on me, but I am a “browsing” shopper – I don’t usually come into a store with a fixed idea of what I want.  I liked being able to go into Old Navy and find cool stuff that I wouldn’t have looked at on the website.

Now Old Navy won’t take returns at the store from the “exclusively online” women’s collection.  When I do order something online (which iI don’t like doing) and it doesn’t work out (which often it doesn’t), I can’t even go to the store to return it and browse for other ideas- I have to make a whole separate trip to the post office (which somewhat negates the negligible “convenience” of shopping online to begin with).

I hear you loud and clear, Old Navy.  You don’t want teh fatties in your store.  Our money isn’t as good as anyone else’s.  We’re not worth looking pretty and having fun, affordable options.

You now have one less fattie to deal with.

Are you pissed too?  Write to Old Navy at custserv@oldnavy.com


5 Responses to “Old Navy, I’m Done With You”

  1. Diana Says:

    And here is the completely unsatisfactory response I received this morning. At least they are timely….

    Dear oldnavy.com Customer,

    Thank you for your e-mail regarding our Women’s Plus line. We are
    definitely did not want to offend and frustrate our customers over the
    removal of our plus line merchandise. We understand your frustration.
    After much evaluation, and as difficult a decision as it was, we have
    removed the Women’s Plus line from all of our Old Navy stores. Please
    accept our sincere apologies for any disappointment this may cause you.
    However, we continue to carry Women’s sizes 1-20 in our stores.

    Although we no longer carry Women’s Plus in any of our stores, the
    complete line is still available on our website at oldnavy.com. You can
    place an order on the web or by calling 1-800-OLD-NAVY, option one. Our
    online representatives are available 24 hours a day to assist you with
    questions or order placement.

    In addition, you can return Women’s Plus items by mail for free.

    We hope this information is helpful and look forward to shopping with
    you soon.


    Customer Service Consultant

  2. Anjuh Says:

    You should be able to return the online items to the store. I work at Old Navy and we do online returns all of the time. I do believe that every store should be the same on that, but maybe I am wrong. As long as you bring all of the stuff that was sent to you, as in the online reciept, they should be able to do it.

  3. kate Says:

    We have just received communication that we will no longer accept online exclusive orders in our store. Although it is an inconvenience for you, when we return these things, we end up sitting on them forever and hardly sell them to anyone else. Customers are important to us, and I understand your frustration. But with the free return to online, it seems like a fair trade.

  4. nina Says:

    wow. i work at old navy also and i agree, we have things in clearance that have been there for a year or so that are plus sizes and maternity, i hate having to accept returns for things we don’t carry in the store becasue it sticks around forever! and to be honest, maybe you tried things on, but most times people over a size 12 or so HATE to try things on in the store (something about our mirrors making them look funny is what i always hear) so why would the company spend the money to have this whole line of products that can sell just as well online? a trip to the post office for free returns is basically the same as a trip to the mall to do a return…

  5. El Says:

    Just a FYI for the above comments –

    Oldnavy.com plus size returns are no longer free. It’s $6, as I just found out when I went to make a return. (Thanks so much Old Navy for the heads-up on that!)

    Does anyone know if all of the other departments are still allowed to return in-store?

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