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Avoiding Work: Here’s a Meme May 19, 2008

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Shamelessly Stolen from Blog Blah Blah

Outside My Window… Window? What window? I’m at work, and they don’t believe in putting people by windows.

I am thinking… about how long this day is going to be. About how much I have to do at home. About the new little one that is entering the world tomorrow. About my trip this week to see Dr. Barb get her PhD, and to see my family, and show my sweetie one of my favorite cities.

I am going…to try to look productive today. And then actually be productive tonight.

I am thankful for… honestly, just about everything right now. I was just telling Jeff yesterday how much better I feel now that I can sleep through the night, thanks to my new appliance that helps me breathe while I sleep. Although I didn’t fall asleep until after one o’clock this morning, I am feeling just fine. When you sleep, everything looks so much brighter.

I finished… a project that I have been working on for a very long time, but cannot go into detail about because the person I made it for reads this blog.

I am wearing… my new favorite skirt, a brown/white/salmon top with a cream tank top, my brown sweater (still too chilly in the office for short sleeves), my new sale sandals, and the necklace I made for my first wedding anniversary.

I am creating… my first garden. On Friday night, I planted tomatoes and peppers (thanks, Sarah!), green beans, a raspberry bush (I’m a bit worried about it – the stick looked dead when I planted it. We’ll see.) and some flowers.

I am reading… Be Sweet by Roy Blount, Jr. and Listening to Prozac by Peter Kramer

I am hoping… that my stomach stops hurting soon. I ate way too much last night.

I am hearing… the shuffling of my co-workers, and our white noise feed.

I have to tackle… a bunch of household stuff before we head out for the weekend.

One of my favorite things… is when my sweetie comes home from work in the morning and crawls into bed for snuggles.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Tonight: grocery shopping and cleaning up around the house. Tomorrow: more of the same unless Sarah wants me to visit, Wednesday: I have to work (boo), dinner with Heather and then we’ll go see the baby. Thursday: the beginning of our DC weekend!!


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