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Blogging Against Disablism May 2, 2008

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Yesterday, May 1, was Blooging Against Disablism day, and in true ME fashion, I didn’t even really know about it. I’m now catching up on all of the wonderful things that were written, and wanted to share some of them with you:

The Gorilla In Your House by This Is My Blog (I think that this might be the best How It Is To Be Disabled Post since The Spoon Theory came out on But You Don’t Look Sick)

I’m still not comfortable using the word “disabled” to refer to myself.  A good portion of the time (currently), I am able to function, and when I am not, HAE is a fairly “invisible” illness.  When my symptoms are apparent, however, most people jump to the conclusion that I am a victim of domestic violence, and not a sickie.  (Cause it’s waaay better to think the woman with the fat lip just got thrown down the stairs by the fantastic man next to her than to think that there might – just might – be an alternative explanation!)

Anywho, whether I refer to myself as “disabled” or a “sickie” or just “me”, I often worry that I am an unfair burden on my sweetie.  He’s not a big fan of surprises, and I am one big bundle of surprises, and often they are not good ones.  I know that my illness stresses him out.  In fact, it probably bothers him more than it does me sometimes…at least I have the knowledge that I have The Best Husband Ever who will take care of me, and he has the burden of being that caretaker.  Although, if you ask him (as I have) if he considers it a burden, he’ll tell you no.  It’s just part of who I am.

Did I mention The  Best Husband Ever?

So, posts like this one by the partner of a disabled person make me feel a whole lot better.  Thanks Willendorf5761!  Oh, and I just found this one from Kate…uncensored.  I am all a-glow from reading these wonderful people and how much they care about their partners.

You know it’s good when I snort at work.  (Not that I blog at work, of course.  That’s unprofessional.  And I am, indeed, the very model of professionalism.)  Sad, Pathetic Charity Case by Unreliable Witness.

Who Are These Freaks by Yet Another Never Updated Blog made me giggle.  I have been known to tell people “Don’t sit on that – your ass will swell up!” because I forget that not everyone is going to puff at the slightest pressure.


One Response to “Blogging Against Disablism”

  1. Mary Says:

    Thanks for the link! Although I must argue, that it is in fact Me who has the loveliest bloke ever… 😉

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