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Again I Thank You, Federal Government May 1, 2008

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Jeff and I did our taxes on time, and sent them electronically on April 14. They were rejected, but that is another story.* We sent payment electronically on the same day.

When did the government decide to take the money? Yesterday.

How is it that if I had paid late, I’d be paying through the ass, but they can take the money whenever they damn well please? (And right before the mortgage payment, which just made everything better).

*They rejected because the name on my taxes didn’t match the Social Security card – which I knew, as I have completely forgotten to take care of that. They rejected again because, after 33 years, the SSA has decided they have the wrong birth date on file for me. Yay.


One Response to “Again I Thank You, Federal Government”

  1. Julie Says:

    I’m still filing taxes as Raymond because social security has refuse to change my name. I haven’t sufficiently proven to them who I am.

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