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I am behind in my memes March 6, 2008

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Stolen from Men-In-Full and customized a bit:

A is for Age:  32


B is for Booze:   Alas, right now I am off the booze, except for the four days a month I just know I can’t get knocked up.  When I’m on it, it’s Bailey’s.  Yes, I can go through the big bottle in four days.  And do.


C is for Career:  Which I don’t have, and don’t particularly want.  I have come to the conclusion in the last couple of years that I want to go somewhere a few days a week (certainly not all of them), where I do tasks that are meaningful let able to be left at work, and where they pay me handsomely.  I’m working on it. 


D is for Diana: Which is my name

E is for Essential items to bring to a party: Some sort of food thing to share.  The last “party” I went to was a gathering to celebrate the engagement/pregnancy of my sister-in-law, and my father-in-law requested my grandma’s Orange Delight Salad.  If you guessed that there is Jell-O and whipped cream involved, you are right!


F is for Favorite movie of 2007:  I think I only saw two movies in the theater last year, and they were both good.  The latest Harry Potter and Elizabeth:  The Golden Age.  Wait!  I also saw Into Great Silence, and it might have been the best documentary ever.

G is for Ganesha: Who is another deity I don’t worship.  But I love the arms.

H is for Hometown:  That’s a loaded question.  I have lived in more than 25 places, and don’t really call any of them a “hometown”.  Right now, I live in Minneapolis, and as I never plan on giving up my house, I guess that will be my hometown.


I is for Instrument you play: I tried to learn to play the guitar, but my parents would never let me practice.  They are are not into the noise thing.  I gave up lessons as it was pointless if I couldn’t play more than one hour a week.  I did sing all the way though high school.  Apparently I don’t suck that much at it.

J is for Jam or Jelly you like: I’m not actually a fan of jam or jelly.  I don’t mind it on a scone with some clotted cream, but that’s about it.


K is for Kids: I’m working on it, people.  I’m working on it!

L is for Living arrangement: My beloved husband and I live in a 1914 bungalow in North Minneapolis with Boris and Checkers, our cats, and Furrow, the hedgehog.

M is for Meatloaf: A food I enjoy, but don’t make, mostly because the recipe I have is complete crap. 

N is for Nights:  When my husband works, so I get the bed all to myself. (I’d rather have him there.)

Overnight Stay in a Hospital: Only once or twice, when my throat has been swollen.  I usually swell overnight, and have to go to the hospital in the morning, so mostly I spend the day there instead of the night.

P is for Pickles: I love them, and eat lots of them.  That is, when Sarah hasn’t recently been at my house and eaten them all.

Q is for Quote you like: I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be – Douglas Adams

R is for Relationship status: Married for almost ONE WHOLE YEAR to the best husband ever, Jeff.

S is for Sunshine:  Which has not been seen in these parts for a long time, and needs to be a regular guest.

T is for Texas, ever been?:  I drove through on the way to and from my grandparents’ house in Arizona.  All I remember is miles and miles of cow ass.

U is for Unique trait: Apparently I have an infectious giggle.  And I can wiggle my ears.

V if for vegetable you love: Oh, I love about all the green vegetables, but I have a special place in my stomach for Brussels sprouts.

W is for Writing: Something I need to do more often.

X- is for X-rays you’ve had: Mostly to see if I have broken ribs.  The last time I broke one there was too much “breast shadow” to tell…apparently that’s doctor’s speak for “your tits are too big for us to see through.”

Y is for Yummy food you make: I would say, and many would agree, that beef stroganoff is my piece de resistance.  My sister-in-law Racheal is fond of my lasagna, my father-in-law loves my biscuits, and my beloved likes the chicken and pesto thing I make.  No one goes hungry in my house.

Z is for Zodiac sign: Aries


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