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Mail? What’s mail? February 20, 2008

Filed under: crafty goodness,crazy friends,knitting — Diana @ 10:18 pm

Anya and I went to KnitOut at the Damn Mall on Saturday.  While at the Lion Brand booth, we saw all the advertisements for Vanna White’s line of yarn, and products, and books, and and and….

Says I to Anya:  “Why to I have such a hard time believeing that Vanna White is a true, hardcore knitter?”

Anya:  “Because she looks astonished in all the pictures!”

Anywho, we scored the latest catalog from that booth.  This is information I should not have in my possesion.  I found a great picture of a blanket made out of miter squares, which have been my latest obsession.  Unlike the things I have been making, Rambling Rows has different sizes and shapes and does some pretty cool things.

I decided to make this pattern for the blanket for the Tater Tot.  I was also thinking that I might rip out the original afghan for the back of the couch and use this pattern, doubled, instead.  Ah, the crafty goodness!!

I went to get the pattern from the website, found out that you had to pay for it (well, all right), and went to do so.  I thought that, since the Current Project will be done on Friday (deadline:  Sunday.  Friday:  taking Anya for surgery.  Several hours of uninterrupted finishing time!) I could start on the Tot’s blanket.

Oh, hell no.  Lion Brand is mailing the pattern to me.  Via mail.  For more than four dollars!

Amazingly, it’s not the four dollars that chaps me.  I mean, it was a six dollar pattern, with four dollars shipping – it’s still a decent deal for a pattern that I will use more than once.  It’s the mail part that gets to me – why the hell are they sending it through the mail? What not shoot me a PDF on the email I was required to give to buy the pattern…through the mail?!?!

I suppose they don’t want everyone passing it around to their friends, and thus losing the precious pattern revenue.  Boy, I hope they don’t find out about these new-fangled devices known as “photocopiers.”  I bet Xerox is going to go all the way on those.  If Lion Brand does find out about them…they are going to make us get tattoos of the patterns on us so we can’t share them.

I have my eye on a lot of patterns.  I’m not sure I have room on my person for all of them.


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