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Instead of a real post, we have a meme. February 7, 2008

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Stolen from Christy.

Minnesota survey

1. Where in Minnesota do you live?

2. What’s your favorite lake in MN?
Oh, that’s a hard one. I think Lake of the Isles – it’s nice to walk, and kind of meanders. I like meandering.
3. Have you ever been ice fishing?
Hell, no
5. Do you go four-wheeling?
Hell, no
6. Do you go snowmobiling?
Again, she says no.
7. Did you go trick-or-treating in that snow storm of 1991?
I wasn’t here then. And even if I had been, I was far too old for trick or treating by then.
8. Do you go camping?
Kind of – in general, I am against camping, but I don’t mind spending the odd night in a tent.
9. Do you ever use the word “spendy”?
Uh, yeah.  🙂

10. Does your vehicle have rust on it or salt damage?
Not yet, but give it time.
11. Have your locks ever frozen shut?
12. Have you ever built a snow fort taller than you?
No, my snow fort skills were pretty bad.

13. Where did you go sledding as a child?
At the park down the street from my house.
14. Have you ever ice skated outdoors?
Yep. My mother, the Canadian, taught me how when I was little. In grade school, we actually had a rink on the school grounds, and “gym class” would be there a few times a year.
15. Did you ever get your tongue stuck to something outside in the winter?
Oh, yes. My bus stop was all boys, and me, and they dared me. I can still remember the sting.

16. Did you ever pour water over something on purpose in the winter to make it slippery?
Yep. Sledding runs.
17. Did you ever have snow slushies?
No – never even heard of them.
18. Have you ever accidentally gone to school on a day where school was canceled due to weather?
No way. Our school cancelled so little that I took advantage of every single one!
19. Did you ever throw a snowball in someone’s face?
20. Do you prefer St. Cloud area or Twin Cities area?
St. Cloud is for suckers.
21. Do you like city or country?
City. The country makes me a bit stabby. I mean, it’s nice to spend some time, but not to live.
22. Have you ever had more than one tick on you at a time?
23. Have you ever burned garbage in a bon fire?
Possibly. I’ve been to bon fires, and I’m assuming garbage was burned. But not as a regular method of garbage disposal.
24. Have you ever gone to a Twins game?
Yep. The Saints are more fun.  🙂

25. Have you ever gone to a Vikings game?

26. Have you ever gone to a Wild game?
No, but I’ve been to a decent amount of college hockey.
27. Did you ever forget to wear pants under your snow pants?
Uh, no. How could you?
28. Do you eat icicles?
30. Do you own a dog that has gotten sprayed by a skunk?
Never had a dog.
31. Do you drink Boone’s Farm?
Can’t say that I have.
32. Do you drink beer?
I’ve been known to.
33. Do you have at least one friend who has a beard?
34. Do you say “so” before you start a sentence most the time?
(She hangs head). Many times.
35. Do you carry an ice scraper in your car all year?
Where else would it be?
36. Do you have to add sand bags to the bed of your truck?
No truck
37. Have you ever gotten a leech stuck to you?
See: not a fan of the out doors.
38. Have you ever caught a snapper?
Never been fishing.
39. Do you own your own fishing pole?
40. What’s your favorite restaurant?
Honestly, since the Mud Pie closed down, I haven’t had the heart to have a new favorite restaurant.
41. What’s your favorite club?
My clubbing days are over. Carla and I used to have a good time at Banana Joe’s, which has been closed for a good long time.
42. What’s your favorite park?
Itasca State Park.
43. Which place in Minnesota has the best scenery/view?
Itasca. Or along highway 61
44. Where’s your favorite place to cruise?
The Carribean? 😉

45. Which grocery store do you shop at?
Mostly SuperTarget.
46. Have you ever partied in a barn?
Hells no.
47. Do you like keg beer?
“Like” isn’t the word. “Accept because it’s free” is closer to it.
48. Have you ever gone hunting?
49. Do you have a tattoo of a butterfly?
No. I don’t have stupid tattoos. I have good tattoos.

50. Do you smoke cigarettes?
51. Does your heritage include Polish, German, or Scandinavian?
A wee bit of German, but my family isn’t from around here.
52. Are you catholic?
Nope. I don’t love Jebus.
53. Have you ever been swimming in a river in Minnesota?
54. what’s your favorite thing about Minnesota?
I can’t narrow it down…I love St. Paul and Minneapolis in different ways, and overall I heart the state. I’ve lived here a long time, and lived other places, and I think this is the place for me.
55. What’s one thing you don’t like about Minnesota?
The passive-aggressive. The two weeks in the winter when it’s damned unbearable, and the two weeks in the summer when it’s damned unbearable.


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