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Vote for Alex Kofoed!! December 1, 2007

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I just got this email from Jeff’s aunt Mary.  Alex is his cousin, and a great kid.  Please go vote for him as described below!!

  Hey People!
I have a BIG favor.  It won’t take long, but I’m asking for a special favor.
Alex was one of 10 finalist in the nation for the Gagliardi Trophy.  His odds are certainly lower because his team lost out early in the playoffs, but he’s had a great career and broken many records.  We’re just wanting to get him as many votes as possible for the ‘people’s vote’.
The voting deadline is actually December 4th, so as soon as you get this email, go to the following website and just vote for him…providing that is what you want to do!  🙂  One vote per computer, so if you have two people voting try to have one of you use a computer at work!!    Thanks MUCHO!!!  🙂
He’s off to Mexico to play for Team USA….leaves tomorrow. Such a fun life!!

www.d3football.com   – toward the top of the page look for an area that says “Gagliardi Trophy: Fan vote through Dec 4.

Or go to www.gojohnnies.com/football  and scroll down to the 11/21 date then click on ‘NCAA Division III Football Player – release’   The word “release” will be in blue..just click there.


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