Di Has Stories…

(and they’re all true)

I like it. November 15, 2007

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I’ve been seeing this around the Fatosphere, and thought I’d jump in. I heart the meme, you know.

Here’s the deal: type the answer to each question into a Google image search, and then pick a picture off the first page. Here we go:

(1) Age at next birthday:

(2) A place you’d like to travel:

(3) Your favorite place:

(4) Your favorite objects:

(5)  Your favorite food:

(6) Your favorite animals:

(7) Your favorite colour:

(8) Town where you were born:

(9) Town where you live:

(10) Name of a past pet:

(11) First name of a past love:

(12) Best friend’s nickname:

(13) Your screen/nickname:

(14) Your first name:

(15) Your middle name:

(16) Your last name:

(17) Bad habit of yours:

(18) First job:

(19) Grandmother’s name:

(20) College major:

Found via Kate Harding.  Go check her out!


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