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A Banner Time on teh Interwebs August 21, 2007

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Boing Boing: Wal-Mart pays Mexican teens $0 an hour
What a fucking shocker that Wal-Mart would try to exploit local labour laws…

Quote Details: Henry Adams: There is no such… – The Quotations Page

There is no such thing as an underestimate of average intelligence.

Henry Adams
US author, autobiographer, & historian (1838 – 1918

HamBlog: Invisible Illness Bingo!


kare11.com :: KARE 11 TV – St. Paul police seeking people who removed man testicles
Dude!  Word to the wise!  Don’t PAY PEOPLE TO CUT OFF YOUR BALLS!!!!!!! 

2007: Year of The Selfish Cow: The Light

She Dances On The Sand: Economics 101

Savage Chickens: Reconsideration Cartoon
Savage Chickens - Reconsideration
Word, Savage Chicken Dude.  Word.

She Dances On The Sand: I’m pissed. Strong language warning.

55414 on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
That’s where we live…but not for long!!!

DSC06441 on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

HOLY CRAP!!  Minnehaha w/o Falls on Flickr – Photo Sharing!Minnehaha w/o Falls

passiveaggressivenotes.com — passive-aggressive notes from roommates, neighbors, coworkers and strangers
like a clown out of a circus cannon
OMG.  This just about made me fall right off my chair at work from the laughing. 

UterusWatch 2007 at I Blame The Patriarchy

Cute Overload! 🙂
I particularly love this one:
Whale snugglage!!!

I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? » Blog Archive LegoKitty™ «

Stuff On My Cat: My eyes, dems match.

I’m totally making one of these for Boris

Boing Boing: Flowchart: Is it f*cked up? What to do, if so.

This summarizes my entire work day.

Fatgrrl » Blog Archive » How to sleep in the same king-sized bed as a three year old.
Having attempted this feat, minus the naughtiness, I feel Fatgrrl’s pain.  How can such a tiny being take up my ENTIRE BED!!??!!

Minneapolis considers restricting demonstrations | Twin Cities Daily Planet | Minneapolis – St. Paul
Dumbest.Idea.Ever.  This means that my wedding reception, at my own house, would have needed a permit.  As will church and volunteer groups.  What asshattery.

Time for some Hedgie Cuteness….
Scarecrow on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
from carol.pgh

I totally need to get Furrow to do this:

from melutopia

This picture makes the I Love Old Stuff part of me all happy, but the I Want Better Transit part sad:
What's under a lot of the asphalt in the Twin Cities? 
from nanobiker on flicker

And, finally, MORE LOVE GRAFFITI!!!
from yearofthewhitedog


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One Response to “A Banner Time on teh Interwebs”

  1. christy Says:

    HOLYCRAP this post made my night. I loved the ‘rocket pubes’ and the skein of hedgehog and the flowchart and… yeah. Win.

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