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Links N Giggles July 31, 2007

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Fat Is Contagious! « Shapely Prose

Don’t You Realize Fat Is Unhealthy? « Shapely Prose

Obesity, laxity, and political correctness. – By William Saletan – Slate Magazine
What a bunch of complete horse shit.  Anyone who believes the very loose conclusions of this particular study, and uses it to claim that fat people need to be stigmatized deserves to be shot.  Or put on a diet.  🙂

Cthulhu’s Cafeteria: “Boss? I can’t come in to work today. Yeah, I’ve got The Fat, and I don’t want everyone to catch it….”

In an effort to avoid doing any actual work, here are the pictures I’ve saved off my Minneapolis Flickr feed of late…

CIMG3169 on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
This is one of a display of stone benches at the Walker Sculpture Garden….this one has always been my favorite.

More Love Graffiti! 
street art on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
street art

Resource Directory for Women Business Owners | BlogHer

Body Impolitic – Blog Archive – » Health Insurance in the U.S.: The Devil in the Details – Laurie Toby Edison: Photographer
Anyone who minimizes the health care situation in this country needs to be uninsured…or a sickie.

Obesity: An Overblown Epidemic? — [ NUTRITION AND HEALTH ]: Scientific American

Overheard in the Office | You Don’t Start Out Hating Them

10AM You Don’t Start Out Hating Them

Angry girl coworker: Goddammit! I fucking hate people!
Friend: But you work in HR…

501 Front Street
Norfolk, Virginia

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