Di Has Stories…

(and they’re all true)

This is so totally going to annoy my mom (not that I’ll ever tell her)* July 18, 2007

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My mom is a Canadian.  Well, technically she’s an American – she became a citizen when I was 20 – but for the most part, she identifies as Canadian.  From a long line of proud Canadians.  She moved to the States when she was 16 because of her dad’s/my grandfather’s job, and has been here for 37 years.


A few years ago, when we were at my grandparent’s house, I picked up a (self-published/vanity press) book about my grandfather’s family origins.  I knew that we were English on that side, but not much more.  To tell the truth, I looked at the back to see my mom’s name and birth date (if memory serves, the book was put out after her birth, but before my uncle’s five years later) and then flipped to the beginning to see when the Beach family had made its Grand Entrance into Canada. 


Uh…they didn’t. 


According to the author (I forget which particular relative this was), our family line patriarch is a man named Steven Beach, who came to the United States, fought for the rebels during the Revolution, and then moved to Canada, where he collected a military pension from the United States government until the end of his days. 


My mother was horrified.  It never occurred to her that she was a direct descendent of a dirty American. 


I was delighted.  This meant that I could to the one thing that would be the most abhorrent thing that a daughter of a Canadian mother can do.


I would join the Daughters of the American Revolution.


Of course, I never did.  Although I had the book, I’d have to go back and actually get the historical evidence, etc, to make my case for admission, and I wasn’t terribly interested in all that work.  It was enough to be able to taunt my mother with the thought that we could both join (what bonding!) and to threaten to get her a membership for (insert upcoming gift-giving holiday here).


I’d actually kind of forgotten the whole thing until this weekend when I got an email from my dad.  My aunt Helen (his sister) had asked him to pass on the information that she had put together when she joined the DAR.  Turns out, I’m DAR material from both sides, baby.  I am a direct descendant of Richard Keele through my paternal grandmother.  Because my aunt has done all the work, all of the “Linnehan girls” (myself and my female cousins) are all eligible for membership. 


That’s it.  Work’s been done? I’m in!

*Of course, due to the giant hatred and disrespect that my mom has for my dad, I’ll tell her it was due to the Beach connection.  Hahahahahahahahaha!


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