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Seeking Yarn July 3, 2007

Filed under: crafty goodness,knitting — Diana @ 9:03 am

I am on a quest to make my husband a scarf (and possibly hats and mittens) for our trip to Ireland in December.

A few months ago, I bought a lovely silk/merino/something else blend in a lovely blue, with some ivory for contrasting (I’ll be doing thin stripes a la the Harry Potter pattern I am currently making for my sister – I am digging the two-sided thing).  Last night, while I was working on my sister’s scarf, he mentioned that the wool I’m using for that is a bit rough (I only agree because I am not a wool fan – it makes me itchy, and I tend to like the cotton stuff.)  I had knit up a few rows of his scarf, and had him rub his neck with it a few times.  The verdict?  It’s “kinda rough”.


So, I am looking for suggestions for a new yarn.  I’m guessing that he is as sensitive to wool as I am, so I’m thinking not that.  This is a man that is VERY sensitive to tactile things (yes, K, even more so than I am!).  He even wears his boxers inside out because he doesn’t like the tag and elastic feel.  So, something beautiful, warm, and soft for my boy.  Thoughts??


One Response to “Seeking Yarn”

  1. firefly8868 Says:

    My son is similarly sensitive to tactile things, and always cuts labels out of shirts/t-shirts because they annoy him.

    I made him a hat a scarf at Christmas out of Suri Merino by Plymouth yarns, and he loved the feel. He lives in California, so even in a warmer climates it remains soft and wearable.

    Good luck in your quest.


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