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Fine. I’m a heartless bitch. June 22, 2007

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Today, I have had two people that have completely fucked themselves try to pull on my heartstrings to get what they want out of me.   

Sorry to break it to you folks, but I have no heartstrings left.  If you are the one that fucked up, you get to have the consequences.  No sob story in the world is going to change that.


Member changes banks, and does not tell us.  This not telling us, btw, is our fault, for some reason.  Because we did not divine this knowledge, we sent her pension check to the same bank we had always sent it to.  The bank sent it back.   We sent it again, just to make sure there wasn’t an error somewhere, and the bank sent it back again.  No account.

So, this woman calls me today, and tells me she doesn’t have her pension check, and it’s a financial hardship.  I look up her account.  Her check is $150. 

Granted, many of our retirees have very small checks, so at first I don’t doubt that this is a financial hardship.  However….

  • When I called to tell her what I had found out, she answered her phone AT WORK.  In the middle of a meeting.  So, she has a job.
  • Her “pension” is actually from her husband who died.  So she has benefits from social security due to his death.
  • Oh, and she’s 68…she has HER OWN social security benefits.  

By my calculations, she’s making more money than I am. 

(Oh, and just because I am a giant bitch, I looked up her property value.  She lives in a VERY nice area of Minneapolis, and the tax value of her home is over $250,000.  That means that the market value is quite a bit higher.)

I call her back to let her know what I have found out about her check (which is basically, you’ll get it next week, next time tell us when you change banks, for fuck sake).  She starts whining at me, and literally tells me, I’m not eating.  I have no money.  I can’t wait that long.

You have a job, three streams of income, and a very valuable house?  Piss off, lady.  You’re eating better than the rest of us.

The other one is too asinine even to mention.  Basically, he did something (which we told him not do to), now has a waiting period on his medical insurance (which we told him would happen), and now wants to get around the rules (which, since we are such a wishy-washy organization, will probably happen). 

Friends, let me clue you in on something.  We, your friendly benefits representative, have heard it all.  We believe almost none of it.  I’m not going to say that my organization never screws up – FSM knows we do – but 80% of the “mistakes” that are made are made by YOU.  Your actions (or inactions) have consequences.  You are not special.  Your sob story does not make me want to do anything more for you, especially when I can verify that your sob story is a bunch of shit.

I don’t know where this entitlement mentality came from, but day after day we are all asked to do things to give people special treatment.  Fuck you.  Put on your big girl panties, accept that you are not special, are going to have to wait in line, and do things right.  I’m not make more exceptions for you, nor do I expect them to be made for me.  We’re all adults here.  Let’s start acting like it, shall we?




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