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My Fat Ass Gets Angry (and other stuff) June 18, 2007

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Her sexy T-shirt says “Kitty Not Happy” — is that OK at work? | Salon Life
This is possibly the best thing I have ever read about the American work experience.  Click on it, now.  Ignore that the question seems to be about a woman’s t-shirt, and read Cary’s response.  Genius.

Civilization Was Built By Obnoxious Jerks « Ian’s Blog

I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? » Blog Archive i’m in ur fizx lab «
So THAT’S what Kieran was doing in my yarn bag!!!

F-Words: Things I don’t get about religion

Things I don’t get about religion

do people tell the difference between God’s plan and their God-granted
free will? If using birth control is a sin because you’re neglecting to
bring a child into the world that God wanted you to, why isn’t
abstaining from sex just as bad?

The Dressing Room Project
This is awesome – a movement to put body-affirming cards in women’s dressing rooms.  I’m in.  As someone just beginning the love-myself journey, I’m excited to affirm other women!

Feed Me!: Fat kills. Except when it doesn’t.
Seriously.  When is the media/medical establishment/culture going to have a look at the actual data and determine that being fat isn’t necessarily bad for you???? 

The Top 10 Geekiest Yarn Creations on the Web | ThreadBanger

No Impact Man: Be kind to the planet by being kind to yourself

A Third Way to Prepare for Bathing Suit Season at Shakesville
O.My.God.  I can’t believe that the makers of Special K (Kellogg’s, who will never be getting another dollar of mine), would even THINK this poster was a good idea.  Kudos to Tricia for fighting back in her way.

passiveaggressivenotes.com — passive-aggressive notes from roommates, neighbors, coworkers and strangers
Now that I’m all pissed off about fat-phobia, I need this site to make me laugh again…

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