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The Big Dump (blog dump, of course) June 13, 2007

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Engaged – BlogHer style | BlogHer
Best engagement story ever.  (Well, except for mine.  Even thou mine was pretty normal.  And a year ago yesterday – yay!!)

Vacation Deprivation, USA | BlogHer
Yes, yes, yes!  We are the only industrialized nation to not mandate paid time off – or any time off, come to think of it – and we are LESS productive than other countries.  This makes sense not only for the rest and rejuvenation, but for those of us that require more time off than our alloted two weeks (if we even get that).  As the Netflix person says, face time etc. are a way of the past…but when will companies finally see that?  Why not focus on the task and not on the time??

wcco.com – Quick 6: Mpls. Woman Expecting Sextuplets
People, people, people.  Trying for a year is not enough reason to go on fertility drugs – especially if this couple is as young as they look.  When will our DO IT NOW culture finally stop getting women to take these risks?  Even if you are not on birth control, and spot on in having sex when you are ovulating, there is only an 8% chance of getting pregnant in any given month…and it’s NOT cumulative!  (By the way, I am putting everyone on full notice that I will want total news coverage when I am pregnant – from conception until graduation from high school.  Just because I plan to breed one at a time doesn’t mean I’m not special!)

Life, What the hell is going on?: Grrrr

24.jpg (image) (From PostSecret)

I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? » Blog Archive I caught you «
I caught you a delicious bass.

I has a civil war
U has a problem

Dilbert Comic Strip Archive – Dilbert.com – The Official Dilbert Website by Scott Adams – Dilbert, Dogbert and Coworkers!
Interesting that Dilbert was following the one above this morning…and on top of that, accurately reflecting my very own employer!
Today's Dilbert Comic

Savage Chickens: Religious Differences Cartoon
Yet another reason not to be a Christian…
Savage Chickens - Religious Differences

Secretly Hate You Blog » the ultimate revenge
Customized toilet paper…oh, the options….

AnonymousCoworker » Age of Consent
Yet another reason I love AC….

Life, What the hell is going on?: Thoughts
Awesome.  Paulius talks about religion and politics, and why adhering to a strict dogma is not the best way to go in either…

The Mighty Blog: I Hate My Job
This is EXACTLY how I feel about my job – complete with pictures!  (But I think about less poon than the Mighty Dykerson does.)

Check out your reaction speed here…with Sheep! I’m a Bobbing Bobcat, with a reaction time of 0.2348 seconds.  Yeah, baby!

Dilbert Comic Strip Archive – Dilbert.com – The Official Dilbert Website by Scott Adams – Dilbert, Dogbert and Coworkers!
Today's Dilbert Comic
Ahhhh….Corporate America…..

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  1. barbara Says:

    thanks for the comment, diana and the support! hope all is well with you!

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