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Downtown Panera – MCP Alert June 5, 2007

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Today I went down to the Panera in the Midwest Plaza building for lunch, thinking that nice bowl of broccoli cheddar would hit the spot.  Oh, and that was even on the menu today!

When I was paying, I actually used cash (y’all know how infrequently I have more than about 10 cents on my person) and was digging for exact change.  I noticed that my change purse was lighter than usual, and made a quip about, “Oh, looks like my husband took all my quarters!*” to which the cashier (who was also the manager) replied, “Well, that’s his god-given right.”

Ways to Piss Off Di in a Hurry:

(1) Mention god in a setting where he/she/it is not applicable.

(2) Telling me that my husband – or anyone else for that matter – has a “right” over me.

(3) Combining the two into some sort of snide remark indicating that just because the money is in my purse doesn’t mean that it’s mine to spend, because I earned it.

Needless to say, the downtown Panera is currently on my personal Do Not Call (Upon) List

*Which he had, because he was doing laundry the other day, and I told him that I had a bunch of quarters in my wallet and he should take them.  I was busy and didn’t want to dig in my purse.  Normally, he avoids my purse like the plague it is.


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    The new site is NICE! Hard to move?

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