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Friday Links June 1, 2007

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Pufferfish!!  From CuteOverload

Minneapolis Daily Photo: The Midnight Tree
scivsfaith.jpg (image) (From Life, What the Hell Is Going On?)

From CuteOverload.com:


Cat-like typing OMG! HALP!

Just try and stop meh, Mofos!

The redonculousness continues over at PawSense, a product that protects yer komputer from those WANDERING, VIGILLANTE KITTEHS!

How? Pawsense software DETECTS AND BLOCKS CAT-LIKE TYPING! Then,
it sounds (harmonica!?) alarms and triggers this nifty dialog box (on
left). No more “fgggrertbxdf” in the middle of your blog posts!

Exhibit A!

Jack R., brillo pointer-outering.

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