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In Which I Explain The Bitter “I Quit” Diatribe May 29, 2007

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Yesterday, the last day of my kick-ass do-nothing weekend, I started reading The Obesity Myth by Paul Campos.   If you have not read this book, go to Amazon or Half or whatever your favorite online retailer is, or go to your local bookstore and get a copy.  NOW. 




Ok, back?  Good.


In a nutshell, Mr. Campos looks at the statistical data that has been used to blast all of us for being fat asses, and for allowing our fat asses to put us at higher risk for a myriad of health problems (you know the list – I’m not going into it again).


All of the numbers that we have been lambasted with for years? 


Wrong.  Wrong.  Wrong. 


Not to ruin the book for you, but overweight and obese people have less disease and mortality than the “ideal” weight people.  The exception to this is when you start getting into the hugely obese – the 400 pound folk.  But me being 70 pounds “overweight” according to the arbitrary BMI chart is better for me than being 5 pounds “underweight”.


What’s the real danger here?  The yo-yo effect.  People who were fat, and lost weight, and regained it all (and then some) have the higher incidence of disease and death.  If you’re fat and just learned to live with it, and don’t do the lose 30/gain 40 dance (which 99% of dieters DO), you are healthier than those in the ideal weight category.


What’s the real secret to minimizing disease and mortality?  Eating nice, fresh food, and getting in a brisk, half-hour walk 4-5 times per week. 


Done, and done.


If you follow this advice, you might not lose weight, but you might not need to.  You need to listen to your body – if you treat it right, it doesn’t matter what the scale says.


So, that’s what I’m doing.  I already know that cutting down on the processed food makes my HAE a bit quieter, and I (for the most part) eat ok.  I need to get on the walking a few times thing, but I’ve got the hubby all lined up for that.  I’m done worrying about buying clothes in my size – I’m making my own damn clothes.  I’m done worrying about the charts, and the pressure from the media, doctors, and my employer to lose weight.  I’m healthy the way I am, and that’s just the damn way it’s going to be.


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