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How’d you get here? May 29, 2007

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One of the best features of my new blog-hosting site is the ability to find out how my readers are finding me (other than those that I actually know – Hi Girls!).  For my first couple weeks with WordPress, here are the terms that got people here:


Acronyms declines grammar 

(Three people searched on this and found my post The Decline of Poetry.  How, I don’t know – it doesn’t show up until the third page of a Google search on these words)


“kayleigh dunne”

(Showed up as my Irish name on one of those name generators and listed here…apparently there is a real person with that name!)



(My rant about MediShare – that’s their phone number)


the celts favorite animal

(From the 2007 Annual Defense of Hedgehog Day)


angioedema internally

(From my Letter to Those Without Hereditary or Idiopathic Angioedema)


And the runners up…

Pee stories

Getting rid of angioedema (if you find out, let me know how!)

myspace surveys boyfriend girlfriend app

steamy emails

cheesecake fatass

Diana likes to


One Response to “How’d you get here?”

  1. kelsey Says:

    go to my blog, it has updates on my teen life.

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