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Links for this chunk of time. May 23, 2007

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Domestic Discipline – at Odds With the Word of God
Oh, my FSM.  This is sick, sick, sick, and any woman who “submits” herself to this kind of “godly” marriage needs to be dragged to counseling, post haste.

Savage Chickens: Health Plan Cartoon
Savage Chickens - Health Plan
My health plan totally needs to cover this….

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Adorable Hedgie Video from Cuteoverload.com

Old bag’s lament at I Blame The Patriarchy
Yes!   YES!  No one, no where, has more perfectly described my quest for the perfect purse (even if that wasn’t exactly the point.  I get the point, but as always, I’m focused on the bag).

I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? » Blog Archive no jobs for kitteh 😦 «
I feel your pain, kitteh

‘Gang-raped girl was glad of the attention,’ says barrister | News | This is London
The worst part of all the blaming the victim, and insinuating that she was glad of the attention because she was fat?  The accuser of all this is a woman.  Oh, and the best thing about being raped?  The fat ass finally dropped some weight.  This makes me want to vomit.

theysee.PNG (PNG Image, 230×345 pixels) – Scaled (82%)

This might be the funniest.site.ever:  lolpresident.com
Go ye forth and laugh.
Thanks, Christy!

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