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I’m a sucker for these things May 23, 2007

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Here are the rules.  Google your name with the following words (needs, is, likes, wants, gets, says, does, and eats) and post the results.

Diana Needs...

Diana needs a wealthy husband who can provide her with the high life she craves while sheltering her from the media clamor that follows her every move.  Thank FSM I found Jeff…he’s excellent at shooing the paparazzi! 

Diana needs a hug.   (Check out the adorable photo!)

Diana needs a nickname.  No thanks – got plenty!

Diana needs a forever home.   Isn’t that the truth.  Does anyone need a lovely one bedroom condo in the University area??

Diana needs to come over and turn my charming studio into a warehouse loft!

Diana Is…

Diana is on the northeast border of the county and is northeast of Watertown.  Hell, with my sense of direction, that could actually be true.

Diana is the most popular of the Wiccan goddesses, for several reasons.  Mostly because of her killer stroganoff. 

Diana, is much younger and was originally born on Earth.  If you still consider California “Earth”, sure!

Diana is an amazing talent.  Am I now a party trick?  As in, “Check it out – she’s going to do a Diana!”

Diana is now developiong a membership of concerned travelers with a database that will allow the flying community to easily communicate with each other.  That sounds even more dull than my job.

Diana Likes…

Diana likes blowjob two at the same time.  Uh…I don’t even know what to say about that.  Diana has never tried that, and Diana also uses better grammar.

Diana likes prostitutes.  Diana’s kind of a pig.

Diana likes location work because it combines her abilities as a studio lighting photographer with that of an available light lover.    Hmmm…..less dirty…..that’s nice….

Diana likes to block her head with gelato.   Wha…?

Diana likes to wake up early and run on a treadmill for 30 minutes.  No, she surely doesn’t.  

Diana Gets…

Diana gets the word out.

Diana gets better commenters than me.   I don’t know who this other Diana is, but I bet she does.  I mean, my commenters are fantastic, but they don’t say much.  I read all these other blogs that have lots of comments, and then I feel all inferiour.  Don’t contribute to the decline of my self-esteem…say something!

Diana gets the slipper.  I run too hot for slippers most of the time, but I’d get Jeff’s for him.

Diana gets an assignment to write about Janice’s death.  Which will be difficult, what with not knowing Janice and all.

Diana gets court approval for $1M credit line hike.  Yes!  Yes!!  Fuck you job!  I’ve got credit, baby, credit!!

Diana Says…

Diana says Good Morning, America!

Diana says, “This fantasy will cross your mind more than once…”  Is this the same Diana of the two men at one time?

Diana says that it’s creepy and Whitney agrees.  We must have been talking about the nasty woman with no bra I saw earlier, but I could have sworn it was Julie…)

Diana says: whether she wins or not,  she will persevere.  Diana does not say that, but will from now on.

Diana says she would love to give Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera singing lessons.  Wouldn’t we all?
Diana does…

Diana does not admire him, and that there are time when she wishes he were different.  Sorry, W.  Is IS you.

Diana does not appreciate a jealous, possessive partner.

Diana does the old Sinatra song “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.”  And people flee in terror.

Diana, does your daughter still gasp for breath while talking?  Shit, I have a daughter? I better go make sure she’s breathing! 

Diana does not succumb to the wishes of others.

Diana Eats…

Diana eats at least 9 to 14 servings of fruits and vegetables per day – that’s two or three fruits with each mean plus abundant vegetables.   Diana must be a regular girl.

Diana eats two portions before running outside to play.  Is that how she gets all those fruits and vegetables in?

Diana eats bacon cheeseburgers trying to feed her appetite.  Now we’re talking…bacon!

Diana eats and says she wants better food.  Whitney notes that Diana wants to lose some weight.  Whoever this Whitney is seems to know me pretty well…

Anyone game for this one?  It’s pretty fun!


2 Responses to “I’m a sucker for these things”

  1. jana Says:

    this made me laugh lots while eating avocado sushi at my desk. it also made me remember last weekend’s conversation about slippers.

  2. Diana Says:

    This made my search so much easier….lol
    I’m probably not going to straight up copy, though…I’ll move along now…

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