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Diet Update May 23, 2007

Filed under: my fat ass — Diana @ 11:34 am

So, I go ahead and start a blog about how I’m going to be all good and finally lose my fat ass, and then I ignore it for a few weeks.  That’s a great start, isn’t it?

As it happens, right after I started the blog I was hospitalized – again – and sort of got off track of the whole blog thing.  I suppose I should have written a big post about how I’m doing, and all that shit, but frankly, I’m bored with being sick, and bored with talking about it, so let’s just say I had a nice day off work, got a bit of knitting and daytime tv-watching done, and I’m as fine as I usually am.

Unlike my hospitalization in January that got me off the diet horse, I didn’t let it happen this time.  Now, I did eat some unauthorized foods in the hospital (because the place that is supposed to make you healthier wouldn’t know fresh, unprocessed food if it bit them in the ass…I had to let Jeff eat it), and the weekend was a waste because I was so wiped out, I jumped right back on the bandwagon the next Monday.

For the last two weeks, I’ve been damn near perfect during the week in following South Beach.  I’ve been making my meals in advance, I haven’t gone out for lunch even once, and have had lots of good healthy snack food available, and made all of our own dinners.

The weekends, however, are a bit of an issue.  I have noticed that we very rarely eat at home on the weekends…just last week we had one meal at Sarah’s, one at Jeff’s parents’, and one at mine.  I find it hard to (a) stick to the diet when I’m at someone else’s house (as most people don’t eat like I do) and (b) make other people cook special things, or not cook certain things, just because I’m going to be there; and (c) resist the cheesecake that I myself made, because I make the best.cheesecake.ever (I have references).

And it’s not like I can just not go visit our families – that’s kind of a must – and frankly, we’re from Minnesota.  You’re sent to Iowa if you don’t have people stay for a meal.  No one wants that sort of punishment.

So, I think what I am going to try to do is eat the best I can at other people’s homes, and not beat myself up too much about it.  I think that I have finally made the transition to thinking that this is going to be a long, slow process, and that I don’t need to see three pounds coming off every day to make it worthwhile.  I’m in this for the long haul, and I’m going to get there.  I just have to keep trusting that.


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