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I bore me May 18, 2007

Filed under: bitching — Diana @ 2:10 pm

I’ve been putting off doing any actual posting this week, and put it off even more for most of the day moving my old blog/s over to WordPress.  (You know, here.)  But now my cut and pasting hand is tired, and it’s time to move the rest of my fingers, so here you go.


Basically, I think the reason that I haven’t written much is because, for the most part, I’m just bored with me.  Like, I’m an awesome person and all, but it’s been the same shit, different day for months now.  If it were just regular old life, it would be fine, but it’s mostly stuff that’s in transition, has been in transition for far too long, and I just want some god-damned resolution.  Is that too much to ask?


So, an update:


Still sick. 

Was in the hospital again last week (third time in six months).  The phlebotomist totally mutilated me.


Went to the doctor.

In which I found that there is no more treatment that can be tried, and the she feels that the estimation that the “good stuff” will be approved by the FDA is “highly optimistic.”


Still hate my job.


Still fat.


No, the fucking condo hasn’t sold.


Any other questions?


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