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Questions from the Lovely Jana May 14, 2007

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1. suppose, for totally moral but still illegal reasons, you’ve killed a man. where do you hide the body?

It kinda depends on how I’ve killed him, and what marks it’s left. If I’ve been smart, and made it look like a natural death (what with all the access I have to do things like that), I’d leave him at home, looking like he croaked in front of the TV or in bed. If I’ve done some damage, then I’m gonna want him somewhere that he’s going to rot soon…maybe the woods, with a bit of acid for good measure, a la the Romanovs?

2. if you were only allowed 3 pairs of shoes for the rest of your life, what shoes would they be and why?
Frankly, I hate shoes, and pretty much only have three pair anyway. This is easy! One pair of squishy comfortable sandals, one pair of squishy comfortable boots (probably knee-high so I can wear them with both pants and skirts, since they are my only winter pair) and one pair of black dress shoes.

3. if, instead of going to work next monday, you had to relive a day from your childhood, what would it be?
The day that my parents announced that they were getting divorced, and asked who I wanted to live with. I totally should have gone with my dad. Ah, well.

4. suppose that through a combination of apocalyptic disaster and spontaneous collective memory loss, the human race no longer has the means or knowledge to brew beer. what do you drink when you get home from work?
Although I enjoy a good beer, my tummy doesn’t like it s’much, so as long as we are still creating wine and Bailey’s, I’ll be all good.

5. the perfect chocolate chip cookie: chewy or crunchy?

The perfect chocolate chip cookie is made by the recipe I got from my mother, which is basically a bunch of chocolate chips and nuts held together by a bit of sugar and butter. They are neither chewy or crispy, but that perfect in-between consistency. Mmmm…..

Want your own list of five questions? Drop me a comment and ask for them!


2 Responses to “Questions from the Lovely Jana”

  1. jana Says:

    hurrah! thanks for answering my questions, diana! happy monday to you…

  2. Sarah Says:

    your five, from your request:
    1) Airline carryon regulations being what they are, let’s imagine that in the not-too-distant future, you aren’t allowed to carry any luggage on board – only that which can fit in your pockets or on your person. You win a trip to Australia (which you decide you are going to take). What few essentials come on the plane with you?

    2) Pickles or olives, and why?

    3) Do you remember your first @yahoo/@hotmail/etc. address? If so, what was it? Do you remember when you got it, and why you picked that name?

    4) Describe the outfit you are least proud of being photographed in. (bonus points if the photograph still exists. You win if you can post that photo on your blog).

    5) After reeling about in anarchy for an undisclosed amount of time, your close friends and allies establish the new world order of government in your country. They ask you to take a governmental leadership role. Which role do they ask you to take, and why?

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