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Seek Not…And Ye Shall Find May 2, 2007

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All you single girls out there know this line….Stop looking. As soon as you stop looking, you’ll find him/her. During my stints as a single gal, looking for the Love of My Life, I heard that a million times.

To tell the truth, I thought it was complete shit. I have always been more of a Chance favors the prepared mind sort of girl.

Well, Karma, you’ve shown me who’s boss again.

As we all know, I hate my job. And then I got a call from Kelli, regarding a recruiter position. While I was updating my resume for that, I got a call for my Dream Job: internal benefits with other HR stuff, part time, flexible. While I was at home the afternoon I was supposed to be interviewing (I got rescheduled because the lady I was supposed to talk to is barfing…I’ll see her Friday), I got a call on another job – the same thing I did before here, but for $20K more. I always told Tim I was underpaid.

Oh, did I mention that I have not applied for any jobs in months, nor have I even bothered to update my resume?

While I was busy not looking for a job, we were working on selling the condo. That wasn’t going terribly well, so we decided to try another realtor. We told our old realtor about that on Thursday, and we were supposed to be off the market the next day.

Then, on Monday, I got two requests for showings.

Turns out, we didn’t go off the market until yesterday, and we were getting this interest because another condo in the building went on the market. We were thinking about keeping ours off until that one sold, but OH! It rented this morning, and will not be on the market until at least September. And Hackey McSnorey’s is still undergoing renovation, so he’s off too. We’re the only game in…well, that building, unless you want to spend sixty grand more for an extra bedroom.

And, just to sweeten the deal, we won some sort of drawing with our mortgage broker. Presents!

So, there you go. I decided to hang out at my job for a while, and have three on the table. We take our condo off the market, and get two showings.

I’ll take luck wherever I can get it!


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