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This Week’s Links – with MORE love graffiti! April 30, 2007

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For the last few months, random acts of love graffiti have been showing up around Minneapolis. I heart it. There’s one right by our abode, on the retaining wall of the duplex that we refer to as The Monks’ House. (There used to be at least one Buddhist monk living there, until the community sold out and moved to Elk River. (Even the monks are moving to the burbs, man.) Anywho, here is the latest love graffiti that showed up on Flickr this morning:

6-23-07 on a lamppost on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
Hanging Hearts on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
all smiles on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
again with the buddha hearts on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

The strange noises we make: Kind of a love story
I love Chronic Babe…it’s a website about how to be sick but still be cool and young. I know that when I think about my medical issues it makes me feel like an old woman, but Chronic Babe helps me deal with it in style. For example, it’s where I found out how to get a super-cool MedicAlert bracelet without making me look 90.

Anywho, this story cracked me up not only because of the noise, and the documentation of how funny things get to be inside jokes in a marriage (and friendship, for that matter), but because it reminded me of a woman that I used to work with at the hospital, who would sit in her office and moan until I would come running to see what she wanted…usually computer help. Irr.i.ta.ting. For the love of FSM, please don’t do that to anyone.

Everyone Needs Therapy: Obesity Wars
Great. Now states are putting BMI on report cards (at least one has repealed that listing, but I’d bet more are to come). I’d like mine on my paycheck, please. You can never have too many reminders that you’re a fat ass.

And another thing…
I love this blog not only because she works in a call center, but because of her attitude. This entry, on April 17, 2007, about the Virginia Tech shootings, exactly mirrors my stance on guns. Just fucking outlaw ’em.

Boing Boing: Blood puddle pillows
This is probably not at all appropriate considering what went on this week, but I still totally want one of these for my desk….

An Inconvenient Truth Carbon Calculator
Check this site out – you can estimate your “carbon footprint” and find ways to reduce it. I’m proud to say that my carbon footprint is 1.5 -the national average is 7. Yay!

I can never resist an adorable hedgie picture…http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2007/04/ladies_the_secr.html

Note to politicians | Salon.com
Reading Garrison is generally worth sitting through the commercials to get the full access to Salon.

on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
It’s daffodil season in the city!!!

I, Asshole: Tuesday Round-up in Three Parts
I love I, Asshole, and the flow chart of insults is invaluable.

Boing Boing: Boss-proof your computer with a USB foot-switch
Awesome. Just…awesome…

Boing Boing: Silly shipping label for wine
Another reason I am ashamed to be an American.

ARTICLE: Lay blame on Cho, not Tech leaders (The Virginian-Pilot – HamptonRoads.com/PilotOnline.com)
Thank you, news media, for finally pulling your head out of your ass and realizing that, most likely, this could not have been avoided.

whipup.net – Tutorial, Rag Rug
To be added to the Things I Want to Make Should I Ever Totally Be Unemployed Yet Wealthy and Have the Time to Make.

Boing Boing: Fascist America, in 10 easy steps

What’s my sign? This is MY sign!
surly missed the point on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

That’s all it said~ on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

I love this picture not only because I can’t wait to get a hedgie, but check out the kitty/hedgie picture. Adorable!

Overheard in New York | It Dislodged Several Ceiling Tiles
It’s funny because it’s true. Jeff and I take yoga on Monday nights, and we both have this huge fear of farting, and congratulate each other at the end of class if we’ve managed to make it through without a big fart (and were relieved when someone else in class did!)

libries on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
Yes, yes you do.

Berserk-os at I Blame The Patriarchy
Amen, sister.

SheFinds.com Weblog
The No Bra Boob Blunders…something Sarah and I discuss with frequency.

Helicopter parents: What’s that I hear, a whirry bird? | BlogHer
No. Oh, no. Hellz no. This is dreadful. When I breed, I’m tattooing this somewhere on me so I don’t become one of Those Moms.

What does it take to be a moral leader?
I haven’t said anything about the Virginia Tech stuff because I have nothing original or inspiring to contribute. But I agree with this writer in that it was wrong to leave Cho out of the memorial. In my mind, whatever demons he battled made him the ultimate victim of this sad, sad day. I would like to think that this would give us, as a community, pause to think about mental illness, and how we can reach out to those who suffer around us, but I fear that it will just stigmatize it more. Why is it when our bodies attack us, we are to be pitied, but when our minds attack us, we are monsters?

Davezilla: Clean humor, filthy comments » PEDESTRIANS PROHIBITED

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2 Responses to “This Week’s Links – with MORE love graffiti!”

  1. Shonnie Says:

    Thanks for your comment about my piece regarding including the shooter from Virginia Tech in the memorial for the dead. I appreciate what you wrote, especially this: “I would like to think that this would give us, as a community, pause. . .” because I think that pause and reflection are essential at such times because our better nature doesn’t seem to come in our knee-jerk reactions.

  2. Evel Says:

    I am feeling the love, thanks.

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