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Abode Selling Progress April 16, 2007

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Well, it’s really clean….that’s nice.

We had three showings last week. This doubles the number of showings that we have had since October, when we went on the market, so we were encouraged. We have not only dropped the price, but also lifted the restriction of no daytime showings without at least 24 hours notice (Jeff has decided at this point he’ll just give up some sleep to get this place sold – what a guy!).

Showing Number One:

We still haven’t heard anything on. We know someone was there, cause they left a card, but they have not responded to our agent’s request for feedback, nor do we know if it was an agent “preview” or a buyer “showing”. They are supposed to tell us if it’s a “preview” but the language that the realtor’s front desk used with both me and the realtor was that it was a “showing.” I’m guessing that, in this case, no news is not great news.

Showing Number Two:

They came in mid-afternoon with about two hours notice for me to get Jeff out of bed and make the final touches before he goes to try to nap in the car (which didn’t work s’good, so he went to the library to read up on how to buy foreclosures). By the time we met with Eva (our realtor) for a place we were looking at that night, we got feedback that the place was nice, but that the buyer had already settled on another property. Within three hours?!?!

Showing Number Three:

This one has a wee bit of hope behind it. It was a young woman, recently married, whose husband will be going to the U of M law school in the fall. She said it was “very clean” (no shit – we’ve been spending hours a week on the place!), but thought it might be too small for two people to live in. Uh..what? While I admit that it’s too small for Jeff and I, most of that reason is because we both lived alone for more than 10 years, and tried to cram all that stuff into a place with both of us. If we were in our first post-college place and newly married, owning the commensurate amount of stuff, it would be a great place. This condo has more storage than anywhere I’ve ever lived. And who wants to mess with a house when you’re in law school? I’m still holding out a bit of hope for this one.

Open House

Eva held an open house yesterday, and only one person came through – a young single woman with a cat. She really liked the place, but officially, we’re in a ‘no pets’ building. We got special approval from the association board to have my cats, with the contingency that we were putting the place up for sale soon, and moving out as soon as it sold (and we all thought that it would be far before this…average days to sale at that time was 39. We’ve been on the market for six and a half months). Eva told the woman that she could ask for an exception, but Jeff and I think that it probably won’t be granted (although, I’d be willing to plead her case to the board if she’d just make an offer!)

So, nothing doing. I’m going to try some guerrilla marketing on my own – I’m sick of waiting around and keeping everything really clean. J Anyone have any suggestions?


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