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Minneapolis Daily Photo: A Loon With a View….I l… April 13, 2007

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Minneapolis Daily Photo: A Loon With a View….

I love the juxtaposition of the ducks with the skyline…

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One Response to “Minneapolis Daily Photo: A Loon With a View….I l…”

  1. atelerix * books Says:

    Hi Diana!

    I posted a response to your comment over on my blog, but I wanted to be sure you got it, so I bounced over here to try to find you.
    Also, I love your virtual hedgie! So adorable!

    **** (original comment below) ***
    Thank you so much for writing! I think that wanting to help helps in and of itself. If you’re sure you don’t want a journal {they make excellent gifts, even if you don’t need anymore yourself…;)}, I can accept donations through Paypal at atelerixbooks at yahoo dot com. You can also e-mail me at that address directly. I’m sorry to hear about your Reggie. Aloysius has had malignant tumors removed twice before. He’s already six years old, which I understand is old for a hedgie, but I’m hoping he’ll live for a while longer and be able to pass away from old age alone. We’ll see. Thanks so much for your kind thoughts and support. They are much appreciated!

    Allison & Aloysius

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