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Links for Today April 12, 2007

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I hate to say it, but one of the reasons I moved back to Blogger was to be able to use the Performancing feature on Firefox. I have been using the clipping feature on Bloglines, but haven’t been really happy with it. Here I can make notes and keep an eye on…what I’m keeping an eye on. 🙂

DNA shows Birkhead is baby’s father – Yahoo! News

I hate to admit that I have been following this. Back in the day, the X and I watched the Anna Nicole show, and I was completely hooked on the stupidity. I have to say that I was rooting for Howard…

HandMade Nation: A Sneak Peek | BlogHer

Ooohhh…a documentary about crafty goodness!!!

From Overheard in Chicago:

Sleet sucks

(on cell) “I know I’m late, sir. Yes, sir. Yes. No. I know, sir. But I
couldn’t get out of my driveway beca…yes, sir. Look! Every time I
tried to shovel the shit, it would plop out of my shovel, soak my
socks, and destory my shoes.!Next time, I’ll tell the heavens to open
up AFTER my 8 AM meeting so that we can earn another 60 cents per god
damn widget or whatever the hell we’re trying to sell!”

– Blue Line

— Submitted by KC

And from Overheard in Minneapolis: Barb, this totally gives you permission to just make up words!

I Do It Because I’m Not A Scientist.

Professor: …Is that a word? Whatever, I’m a scientist; I can just make words up.

U of M classroom
Overheard by Not looking forward to the test.

P pimping laxatives as the new diet aid? | BlogHer

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