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Today is the first day of the rest of my life…right after I go grocery shopping April 9, 2007

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So, it was my birthday this weekend, and I made my annual resolution that I will end this year of my life thinner than I started it.

I really, really mean it this time.

Seriously. I am going to lose some lard.

I have been reading books about being fat all weekend…both The Fat Girl’s Guide to Life and Fat Land. (Yeah, I’m a speed reader.)

I feel conflicted after the two books. Fat Land has informed me that I am probably going to die before my 33rd birthday because I am so ungodly fat, and that my children will be oozing balls of lard for their entire life. The Fat Girl’s Guide to Life, however, has informed me that I can be fat AND healthy, but I need to take good care of myself. If my set point is what it is, I can’t change that, and I just have to be as healthy as possible.

Both books pointed out the terrible things that are done to our food in terms of additives and high fructose corn syrup, et cetera. It makes me want to graze on grass and catch my own meat. Oh, wait – their environment is polluted too. I’m not sure that whatever ChemLawn throws down is any better than the HFCS.

I don’t think I am at my set point – I think I can get rid of a few before I hit that mark. So, this time, with the proper incentives in place, I am going to do it…just as soon as I get to the grocery store and buy some healthful foods.

I am also putting together a little incentive program for me. Not only do I have the big incentive of getting my sweetie in a kilt when I get to a certain weight, but I am giving myself some added things along the way. Something I have wanted to do is get the entire collection of This American Life and now Audible has them grouped by season, and I can get an entire season for about $18.00. For every point in BMI that I go down, I get to download one season (and listen to them while I walk around the block).

Today, my BMI is 34.1. (Yes! I am OBESE!) I need to lose six pounds to get to my first season of This American Life.

I can do this.



One Response to “Today is the first day of the rest of my life…right after I go grocery shopping”

  1. Barb Says:

    You can TOTALLY do this! We should also get the jiggles back together. (Your account is still active and all that, we just need to get back on and encourage each other.)

    Lorna and I are trying to keep each other accountable for exercising and eating better. Let’s keep each other accountable…

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