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Hump Day April 4, 2007

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It’s Wednesday, and I only have a four day week – we get Good Friday off, which is about the only time of the year that working for Jebus pays off. We are also getting new systems this week, which means that I can’t actually do any work. It’s 10:00 a.m., I have done all I can for the day, and already attended a meeting. I have six hours to go. Did I mention nothing to do? And the fact that we’ve been yelled at for using the internet too much so I can’t even just play KOL all day? Or shop for new and exciting handbags?

The only good news about doing nothing at work is I got something cool written in the last few days that I have submitted to This I Believe. I don’t really think that I’ll get on the radio with it, but allegedly it will be on the website for all and sundry to see. I’ll let you know when it’s up – takes about 8 weeks.

So, here are some random thoughts that are going through my head today for your enjoyment, and my mental exercise for a while.

  • We reduced the price on the condo. As of Monday, we have been on the market for six months, and only have had three people look at it. Seriously, anyone reading this should deeply consider home ownership. Please, please, please buy our condo!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!

Ok, begging concluded. We (and by “we” I mean “I”) are in a bit of a panic because the guy next door, Hackey McSnorey, put his place up on the market a couple of months ago. We thought we had nothing to worry about, as his place was a dump, had the ORIGINAL 1973 avocado green appliances, had carpet, and smelled like Old Sick Guy and cigarettes dating back to the 1970s.

Then he dropped his price down to $8,000 below ours.

And now he’s entirely remodeling his condo.

All new appliances, paint, carpet, floors, counters, everything.

He’s “off” the market right now, but will be coming back on when the work is done. Apparently he is living in Mexico now, and his kid, who is a contractor, is doing all the work.

Jeff’s theory is that we should just hope he sells quickly, and then hit it hard again, cause we don’t want to compete with the price, and can’t compete with all the work that’s being done (Jeff will barely break even on the place as is). I want to get moving and sell the joint before Hackey goes back on the market for the same reasons. I guess we’ll wait and see…

(Please buy our condo.)

  • I really wish I could spend this downtime moving my old blog into the new blog. I wonder if I can make that look like work? Or if I should be “sick” for the rest of the day, and go home and do something productive? Seriously, I got caught up in some other, non-work related, things for a while, and it’s now 11:09 a.m., with nothing to do. Our systems were supposed to be back up this morning, but, as there always is here, there are ‘problems’ and we have nothing. Julie and I started a mini pool…she thought we’d be up today at 11:30 (21 minutes to go), and I thought tomorrow around 10. I asked another co-worker, Dan, and he thinks we won’t be live until Monday. I’ll keep you posted.

  • Carla’s going to be an auntie – yay!!!

  • We are looking at a house next week that is in my old neighborhood of Cherokee – in fact, it’s right down the street from where K, Mike and I used to live. It’s a great house – nice layout (as far as we can tell from the pictures), I already love the neighborhood, AND it comes with a playhouse in the backyard wired for electric, and insulated. I’m picturing our (future) child playing in there as a toddler, and camping out in angst as a teenager. What a great little retreat.

  • Jeff and I have been taking yoga for the last few months, and this week was the first time that I really felt I could have bent more, and done bigger moves…except that MY FAT was in the way.

I have said in the past that my weight does not really interfere with my physical activity. This is for two reasons: (1) I don’t do that much physical activity to be interfered with; and (2) the HAE interferes way more than my fat ever could. I completely believe that fat people can be healthy, and for the most part, I am healthy.

But this Monday at yoga, I could feel my fat getting in the way. I could feel that my body wanted to do more movement, but that there was an obstacle. And when doing movements above my head, I could feel how heavy my arms were – much heavier than they should be, and I’d have to rest more than the other folks between movements.

I turn 32 on Saturday, and I am determined to be less of a woman by 33 than I am now. I will be working on my Lucky 13 Reasons to Lose Weight this afternoon, and will start in on my new program Monday.

  • I think my knitting group is in the crapper. Our last meetings have had almost no attendance, and tonight I even cancelled because it was just one other woman and me. I sent out the call for feedback, but everyone thinks things are dandy….but no one comes. I’m going to see what happens next time. I know that this week is bad because The Yarn Harlot is in town tonight. (However, I did not find this out until yesterday, as the news had not seeped under my rock, so there are no tickets left. Boo!)
  • It’s snowing today. As we speak, it is 21 degrees. This morning when I came to work, we had a wind chill of 1 degree above zero. Last week, it was 80. This week, I have to wear real shoes. Ah, yes, it is my birthday week, so there’s bound to be snow.

  • Did I mention it’s my birthday week? I wasn’t going to do anything, but Sarah decided that was not cool, and she and Jeff plotted* behind my back to have a gathering tomorrow. I’m not giving details, but if you want to know, drop me a line.

*Here’s how I think it went:

Sarah: We need to do something for Di’s birthday.

Jeff: I don’t think she wants anything done.

Sarah: Unacceptable behaviour. We are doing something for her birthday. Here is the plan.

Jeff: Ok….

Sarah: I’ll make her come. Don’t worry about it.

Jeff: Ok….

Sarah: It’s all good.

Jeff: (Internal: Make sure she doesn’t blame me.)

I didn’t want to do anything for my birthday, but I’m delighted that we are. Sweetie, I know you never read my blog, but I don’t blame you and I’m happy about the gathering!

  • Whoops. I thought my cell was on vibrate, but it wasn’t. You’ll be happy to know that my new glasses will be ready in about 7 working days.

  • In an effort to start drinking more water even before the Big Diet goes into effect, I have already had 64 ounces of water today. I can’t remember how many times I’ve peed, but I think I’m gonna have to again soon.

  • Damn it! I just found out that Wild Colonial Bhoys aren’t playing on my birthday. Not just not playing locally, but on a freaking vacation! WTF?

  • Jebus. The glasses place just called AGAIN to let me know that my card didn’t go through. I just activated it this morning (new card with new name) and I’m wondering if it hasn’t hit all systems yet.

  • Ok, so we’ve made it to 11:48 a.m. Still nothing to do. Still no system access, or word on system access. Sorry, Julie.

  • Which reminds me: I’m not sure why we are all here. I mean, we are all being paid full salary to do essentially nothing. I seem to remember that at Prudential, when we were being laid off and didn’t have access/work for the last few weeks, we were given rotating days off…we needed some staff to be there answering the phones, but certainly not everyone. I think that we are in the same boat – not only do we have little work to do, but since this is the week before the biggest damn day in Christendom, we’re not even getting many calls. I’ve taken two all day.

  • Jeff and I discovered Fiber One Bars this weekend. He’s been hearing about them on KFAN, and had mentioned them to me a while ago during my ongoing effort to get more fiber in my diet. (I later learned that it wasn’t a lack of fiber, but one of my meds that was causing the lack o’poo, but that’s probably more than you wanted to know.) We picked some up at SuperTarget this weekend, and they are indeed quite tasty. However, like everything else, they have High Fructose Corn Syrup. That shit is in everything. What happened to using real sugar?

Julie brought me a can of kosher Coke (real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup) last week, and I was pleased to note that it was not only just as tasty as regular, but had thirty calories less. Apparently, the HFCS, while cheaper for the manufacturer, is much higher in calories. I knew that it was bad stuff, but I had no idea that it was so much higher in calories. And, again, it’s in everything. No wonder we’re all so fat.

(And, don’t give me any shit about how we’re all fat because we eat fat. Fat doesn’t turn into fat in the human body – sugar does. We are all fat because we eat too much sugar.)

  • Ok, I think I’m done rambling for now. It’s five after twelve, and I am on ounces 65-88 of water, and had a Fiber One Bar to tide me over until lunch. I’m gonna write my Lucky 13 and post this bad boy to whet your…uh…eyes?


2 Responses to “Hump Day”

  1. christy Says:

    I hear you about yoga. It’s fun, and there’s lots of it that I can do, but there’s some of it that I just… can’t. Like that one pose where one is supposed to touch one’s nose to one’s knee? Yeah, no. Never. Of COURSE it’s no problem for the 90 lb. lady on the yoga video, but as for me… I’ve got boobs and a belleh. 🙂

  2. jana Says:

    i’ve been on a campaign to increase my water intake of late, and i’ve found the greatest benefit to be the huge amount of work i miss while making repeated pee trips.

    also, i hope it is okay that i’ve discovered (a.k.a. took the link from sarah) and begun commenting on your blog.

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