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Things Not Worth Bitching About March 26, 2007

Filed under: uncategorized — Diana @ 12:57 pm

I had a call today from a member who takes monthly installments from his retirement plan. He got his boxers all in a bunch because the company that does our installments for us took the money out of his account five days ago, but he doesn’t have his check, and he is losing all that interest.

I’m curious, and put on my math hat to see if this poor guy is going to be out starving on the streets because of this. According to my (admittedly rough) calculations, the money this guy lost was $2.90.

Two dollars and ninety cents.

Is it necessary for me to mention that he has more than $800,000 in his retirement account? An amount that, at my age, would almost double my salary to live on the interest alone for the rest of my life?

Even a lowlife like me can afford the two dollars and ninety cents. It’s in the mail, asshole. Love, Di.


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