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And Now, Some Fabulous Things Worth Mentioning March 26, 2007

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  • I am on my ninth full day of marriage, and being married kicks.almighty.ass

  • According to my little weather thingie online, it’s 77 degrees out, and I am going home in one hour and forty minutes to enjoy it. It’s so nice that I am thinking about asking Jeff to take our yoga mats to a park instead of to class. Even though we love love love our class and teacher, it’s too nice to spend an hour and a half inside tonight.
  • I slept with the windows open last night, for the first time all year. It was delightful.
  • And Sarah wrote a beautiful little something about today… I’ve already sent it around to my favorite co-workers, and I have a feeling it’s going to be one of those things that becomes an email forward. Sarah, did you copyright?
  • Obviously, I’m a Minnesotan, since I keep going on and on about the weather. But seriously, have you BEEN outside? It’s awesome!
  • I have made my semi-annual discovery that I have Nothing To Wear. How is it that I clothed myself all last summer with one t-shirt and one tank top that doesn’t need to be put under a sweater? I did a bit of shopping this weekend, and actually found two shirts that I love. LOVE. I never love my clothes.
  • I have a sassy new haircut.
  • There is a wedding present from my dad waiting for me at home to open.
  • We have the earnest money for our new house! Now we just have to sell the old one (and it would no longer be a happy list if I told you what’s going on there, so don’t ask).
  • I have awesome in-laws.
  • Next week, I only work four days, because Jebus gives us Good Friday off. It IS a Good Friday, as it’s the day before my birthday. Three days weekend!
  • Have I mentioned that my husband is awesome? And that I love being married to him?

One Response to “And Now, Some Fabulous Things Worth Mentioning”

  1. jana Says:

    happy 9…wait, 11 days of marriage to you! saw the pics on sarah’s blog–you looked lovely! i propose another girly excursion sometime soon…

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