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(and they’re all true)

Just another manic Monday… March 12, 2007

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Random thoughts for today:

  • If you are going to remodel your entire apartment during the time when one usually sleeps, it would be nice if one was warned before one was bounced out of bed at the ass crack of dawn on both weekend days.
  • Especially when one is working a metric fuck ton of overtime, and has 158,549,083,879,809 things to do, hasn’t slept well in weeks, and was really, really, really looking forward to those extra few hours on Sunday.
  • While remodeling, please refrain from bursting the pipes in the bathroom so that it ruins the newly-painted ceiling in the condo below yours, which is for sale, and being re-listed in two short days to hopefully get some actual lookers.  A sleep-deprived bride-to-be who is rinsing her hair and sees dinner plate sized poo-colored stains on her bathroom ceiling is not someone you want to mess with.
  • Skinning one’s knee at the age of 31 is slightly embarrassing, and far more painful than I remembered.
  • Closing one’s nipple in a candle jar, however, is way more embarrassing than that. 
  • “…or what?” is not EVER an appropriate way to frame a question, especially at your age, ma’am.  You’d think by the time you hit 85 you would have learned some manners.
  • Damn, I hate it when I make stupid errors at work.  I hate it even more when it’s one of those things that I can’t fix by myself and just pretend it didn’t happen, and I actually have to admit to a co-worker that I am a dumbass.  Luckily, they are used to me.
  • Wow.  A $5 gift card totally makes the 10 hours of overtime I’ve put in on this project worth it. 

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