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Stumblin’ Around February 16, 2007

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A few months ago, Julie introduced me to FireFox, and I am in love.  It has all sorts of nifty features, and the other day I discovered yet another one – Stumble.  Basically, it keeps track of what you look at on the internet, and if you press the Stumble! button, it suggests pages you like.  As I am not terribly motivated to be a productive citizen today, I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you, my Faithful Reader:

Let’s Be Friends – Interspecies snuggling.  How can you beat that?

Mail Experiement!

What Should I Read Next? –  Put in a book you like, and it will suggest other books you might like based on readers’ recommendations.  I entered in the books on my Paperback Swap list, as well as a few other favorites, and it did come up with a list of books that I really like…and I’d read all but two of them.  I added those into my list… The cool thing is not only can you have them search off your entire list, but off sections of it…for example, if I am in the mood to read something along the lines of David Foster Wallace/Tom Robbins/Peter Lefcourt, I can pick those books, and it will recommend similar.  I think I have a new web friend!

In the same vein – WhichBook lets you pick criteria and suggests books to you.  Really, really cool!  It’s based in the UK, and linked to the library systems.

And, I’ve heard of this before, but Library Thing lets you keep track of books, get recommendations, etc.  I think that I’m finally going to get myself hooked up on that, and make a list.  Oh, yeah.

Mapping of the Cat Brain – I think I’ve seen this in a forward, but it’s still good

The Official God FAQ

If that doesn’t answer all your questions, the folks at God Is Imaginary would like to have a word with you.  If you’re still not sure, you might be a Fundamentalist Christian.  Find out here .

Important Safety Tips

Your mom doesn’t bug you enough about stuff? Now you can have HassleMe, which will “nag you via email at semi-unpredictable intervals”.  Awesome.

How much caffeine would it take to kill you?  It would take 435.60 cans of my favorite, Coke, to off me, or 137.77 cups of coffee.  Damn, I have to pee enough already….

At least I have some time to get that all in.  I’m going to die on Wednesday, June 19, 2052.  Check out your check out date at The Death Clock.

You can Barcode yourself.

This site means that Sarah and I need to start carrying cameras.

How did people spend a boring Friday afternoon at work before the internet?


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