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Alphabet Soup February 16, 2007

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The fantastic things that I bought at The Bead Monkey last night to make my wedding necklace.


Beating myself up about:

The fact that I lost six pounds the first week that I did the whole diet thing, and now I am going up and down between the same two 2.5 pounds with no progress.  Boo.


Crying over:

Shit I can’t do nothing about no how.


Daydreaming about:

My fantastic sweetie and how we are going to be married soon.


Excited because: 

It’s Friday, and I really need some sleep, and I’m gonna get it.


Frustrated because:

I made an appointment for The Sweetie and I to have our premarital counseling, and just got off the phone with them for the 6th time.  Yes, the 6th.  It took 20 minutes to make the appointment, they have screwed up the insurance information, they didn’t know who the insured was, and now they have called back to get the insurance information from me.  I am not feeling good about this experience.


Grumpy because:

I need to go jeans shopping, because mine are too big.  That’s a good thing.  But I hate to shop.  That’s the grumpy part.  And it doesn’t seem like anyone is carrying jeans right now. WTF?  Oh, and I have to find an undergarment for the wedding dress this week.  Ew.


Hate-Filled and Seething over: 

Nothing right now, which is odd for me.  Must not have had enough coffee yet.


Indignant because: 

The usual.  You know, people are assholes, etc. 


Just shoot me now because: 

The blood flow might warm me up.  Seriously, folks, turn up the damn heat in here.


Kidding myself regarding: 

The possibility of being thin by the wedding.


Listening to: 

Workplace noises.  I miss having the radio on at work.  Even though I’ve been here over a year and a half, and haven’t been able to have a radio in all that time, I still miss it.  L


Mooning over: 

The fabulous love letter my sweetie gave me for Valentine’s Day.  He always knows exactly what to say.



Sleep, and a neighbor that is quiet, so that said sleep can be accomplished.


Obsessing over: 

Tumble fur in the condo, the selling of said condo, the wedding.



(In a non-religious way) for Jeff’s friend and co-worker Nellie, whose brother was murdered last week, and her family. 



Why people are so horrible to each other.



Bloodsucking Fiends by Christopher Moore



I Need by Stuart Davis (inspired by above question)



To decide whether to go to Caribou and use my free coupon.


Unnerved by: 

How little I have to do today at work, and how much I have to do this weekend.  And how much people charge you when the word “wedding” comes up.


Valentiney update: 

See previous post.



What to have for lunch.


X-rated action: 

Sarah, Jana, Anne and I have a date to go to Smitten Kitten in the near future….


Yawning over: 

Tired.  Damn Hackey McSnorey has been going to bed early, and infringing on my sleep time!



Didn’t Velma from Scooby Doo say that?  Oh!  I stole this from here. 


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